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Misc info for Split solo traveller

Greetings folks,

I’m planning a 10-day trip to Croatia where I have the flexibility to extend it to 2 full weeks if necessary. The tentative timeframe is late July/early Aug 2021. I have been to Dubrovnik, Split & Zagreb on my previous trip a couple of years ago, however, I spent only 3 days in Split and it felt kind of rushed. This time I’ll be flying in to Split (easy of flights from Boston) b/c it’s so easy to connect to the Islands via ferry and make Split the base of my day excursions. I plan on spending time at the islands (Hvar, Barc, Korcula, Vis, etc.) either as day trips or I could also make one of the islands the base for 3 / 4 nights and take day trips from there. I am a very outdoorsy guy and love to walk, hike, swim, snorkel, kayak, sail, tennis, etc. So I’m looking for active pursuits on this vacation. Please provide any info that be helpful to me regarding the following queries:

1) I’d like to make a day trip to Mostar. Is it possible from Split, or is the trip only a possibility from Dubrovnik?
2) I’d like to make a day trip to Trojir. Can I take a local bus and explore on my own, or do I need to find an excursion?
3) I’ve been to Plitvice national park, so this time I’d like to visit Krka national park. Are they similar and is going to be worth it?
4) Any Latin dance clubs recommendations where I may dance salsa/merengue/bachata/etc.?
5) Any disco/non-disco club recommendations for night life that is for “adults” i.e. not drunk 20s and early 30s crowd. I’m in my mid 40s and would like to have engaging conversations with “adult” ladies.
6) If I were to visit the islands overnight instead of day trips, which island should I make the base for 3 or 4 days to explore neighboring islands?
7) Are there sunbathing (FKK) beaches in Split or must I go to the islands?
8) Any other solo travelers planning a trip around July/Aug timeframe? If so, and would like to hook up, please let me know, I have flexibility in travel dates and could modify itinerary if need be.

I look forward from hearing you folks.


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Reply from "valedelphia":

I'd make it the whole two weeks, at least 10 days.
1) Mainland day trips: Trogir is an easy excursion by bus. Solin is the site of ruins, but I have never made it there. Omis is a town with rafting. I always regret not getting to Sibenik. You can look at Makarska to the south and the Zadar area to the north, but I think you'll have plenty with Split + nearby islands.
2) Mostar is about the same distance from Split as Dubrovnik by bus I think, but you'll have to see if the bus schedule would allow for a day trip. You could also probably find a tour. Search bus schedules here:
3) Have not been to Krka, but one difference is you can swim there.
4) I would stay on at least two islands--Vis is great, and Brac might be a good choice for outdoor activity (known for windsurfing and such). I'd steer clear of Hvar at that point in high season.
5) Look for kayak trips, boat trips where you swim in coves, others mentioned above. Hiking can be as simple as just rambling along the gorgeous coast. There are more ambitions paths on Brac and Hvar. I'd like to get to Stari Grad on Hvar and ride the bike path along the coast.
Don't know about the rest. I'd be shocked if there is not a FKK beach near Split, there is probably a website to check. For sure you'll find plenty on the islands.

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Following for #4. I'm traveling with one other person, we'll be in Split for 2 days (Aug 8/9), but in 20s lol

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Split to Trogir can also be done by a boat excursion from the Split harbor. It is a ride of about 1.5 hours. Very pleasant boat trip.

Split has a fine sandy beach.