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Lunch Split

Picking up car around lunchtime at port and heading south along coast road.

Thinking of eating harbor/old town or just outside Split

Any recommendations?


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I'd recommend Konoba Matejuska for a taste of traditional Dalmatian cuisine and seafood with a scenic view of the Matejuška fishing port. Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Bar offers Mediterranean and international dishes in a trendy setting, Taverna Marul in the old town serves Croatian specialities like seafood and pasta with outdoor seating. If you prefer a local favourite, try Fife for home-cooked Croatian food at affordable prices, or Uje Oil Bar, too.

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I also recommend the Bokeria Kitchen and Wine Bar. The hotel we stayed at included breakfast at Bokeria and they were delicious.

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We just ate dinner tonight at Fife. Mostly locals, delicious food. Really delicious and a good price. There were 4 of us, no dessert or coffee, but drinks, and the meal was 93€. I had the Sarma, a Croatian specialty - stuffed pickled cabbage leaves with mashed potatoes. It’s stuffed with smoked pork and rice. Thinking about going back tomorrow again for dinner.

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Barbara: Are you sure the cabbage was pickled? Usually it is just steamed enough to be pliable, then wrapped around the filling. Stuffed cabbage is a really common dish from Hungary to Poland to Germany to Serbia. When our DonauSchwaben family had picnics in the 60s and 70s, the stuffed cabbage dishes were emptied first.

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I am of Polish descent, and I love stuffed cabbage! It's called golumpki in Polish. I wish I knew about Fife when we were in Split!

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Interesting discussion about dining options in Split! If you're looking to expand your culinary adventures, here are some recommendations for both Split and Dubrovnik:

In Split:

Konoba Nikola: Enjoy delightful Dalmatian seafood and grilled dishes.
Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Bar: A trendy spot for Mediterranean and international flavors.
Zinfandel: Modern, creative, and a comprehensive wine selection.
Konoba Matejuška: For an authentic experience with traditional Dalmatian cuisine.
Villa Spiza: A cozy spot for local, homemade delights.

In Dubrovnik:

Nautika Restaurant: Breathtaking views and luxurious seafood menus.
Proto Fish Restaurant: Elegant and fresh fish and seafood options.
Pantarul: Contemporary, creative spins on traditional Croatian dishes.
Restaurant 360: Gourmet dining with panoramic views.
Taj Mahal: Taste Bosnian, not Indian, cuisine in its authentic form.

Don't forget to sample some of the traditional Croatian dishes you might encounter on your journey. Here's a link ( ) that provides a comprehensive overview of what to expect in terms of local dishes.

And for the wine enthusiasts among us, if you're planning to travel between Dubrovnik and Split, do consider visiting the Peljesac Peninsula! It's renowned for its excellent wineries, and you can find more information and a guide to the famous wineries on the peninsula here: Peljesac Wineries ( ).

Dobar tek and cheers to your adventures in Croatia!