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Lufthansa flight from US - IAD to LJU with a 2 hour layover in Frankfurt

I have not had luck finding any recent posts about this topic so here I am with my question to this helpful group!
Will a 2 hour layover in Frankfurt (from the US via UA989) be sufficient to catch our subsequent flight to Ljubljana?
Flights are operated by United/Lufthansa to Frankfurt then Lufthansa Cityline to Ljubljana. Do we go through passport control in Frankfurt? We will not be checking luggage. Thank you!

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Are both your flights on one ticket?

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You will have to go through passport control in Frankfurt, getting your passport stamped for Schengen entry. 2 hours should be adequate. If you did check luggage, it would not be a problem since it will be on the baggage claim belt in Ljubljana where you go through customs, which is nothing more than exiting through the "Nothing to Declare" door.

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Two hours seems tight but possible with Frankfurt. I just transited through coming home from the holidays. It's a huge airport. Heading back, my husband's flight to Frankfurt was delayed and he had two hours. He made it but had no extra time.

Carry on vs checked won't make a huge difference, as they'll check your bags all the way through. It's just the US that makes you pick up your bag.

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It’s an adequate layover and I would not worry about it. Though, as others have said, Frankfort airport is huge, and you should keep an eye on the clock.

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Thank you everyone! I've gained some peace of mind and feel like I can make an educated decision now!