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Lokrum or Miljet Island from Dubrovnik?

I’m spending a few days In Dubrovnik in September and am quite keen to catch a ferry out to one of the islands for a day trip.

Miljet looks absolutely beautiful but from my readings, it is also a couple hours each way on the ferry to get there?

Whilst Lokrum is much closer?

I will already have hiked the Plitvice Lakes a few days earlier, and am stopping for visits in Zadar and Split enroute to Dubrovnik, so am just wondering what is the best use of my time?

I intend to spend the first day in Dubrovnik to explore the city walls and old city, and to catch the cable car to the see the view from the top.

The third day, I have a plane to catch around lunch time so I’m a bit wary that I might not have much time to waste on the last day.

Posted by Agnes
Washington DC Region, USA
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Mljet and Lokrum are not really comparable ( a map and some photos will make that clear)....Lorkum is tiny and not as spectacular. There's a short ferry from Dubrovnik there. Mljet cannot be done in a half day...for one thing, you're really tied to a ferry schedule that likely won't be that frequent in September. It's unclear whether you have a full day open or just a half a day. If you have a full day, I would take a trip to Montenegro instead.

If you really want to see another island, I think Split has much better ferry frequencies than Dubrovnik. So I would take a ferry while you're in Split instead, and just build that into your schedule.

Posted by Linda
Sydney, NSW, Australia
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My adult son and I caught the ferry over to Lokrum last May. It’s a nice trip that doesn’t take very long. My son is a Game of Thrones fan and enjoyed seeing the monastery which was used as a film location. He also loved sitting on the Iron Throne in the museum. There are lots of peacocks and rabbits wandering around. There are also some lovely swimming places. We took a lot of photos as the island is very picturesque. Lokrum is a popular destination, but the crowd disperses very quickly after getting off the ferry. Entry to the Nature Reserve was included in the cost of our ferry ticket. Other members of our family went sea kayaking while we visited Lokrum. They say it was one of the best things they did during our 6 weeks in Europe, so that might be something to consider.

Posted by debbie1032 OP
Auckland, New Zealand
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Thanks Linda, yep I am big Game of Thrones fan too so sounds like Lokrum Island is way to go. I had a look at the kayak options but apparently they don’t let you land in the island so I’ll probably just catch the ferry across. A fifteen minute boat ride sounds nice and easy!! And then I can spend all day exploring at my leisure :) swimming, walking around, sunbathing :)

I did find a sunset/late afternoon kayak option in Split though so that should be a good way to get a kayak trip in :) whilst making the most of the coastline.

Thank you also Agnes, I don’t really have time to go visit one of the islands from Split - I really stuffed up when planning my itinerary, should have given myself an extra day in there but it is what it is.

I think my next trip I’m gonna plan to be a lot more relaxing and probably just one country.... I originally booked a top deck tour before deciding to spend more time in Italy and Croatia doing my own thing, but I think even after allowing myself a LOT more time in each country than the original tour included, it is still pretty rushed. Think those tours must be awful!! So glad at least I’ll get some time to enjoy each country this way.