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Ljubljana/Croatia Travel Itinerary

Hi everyone,
My friend and I will be traveling to Ljubljana for 9-10 days in August with various planned day trips to Venice, Lake Bled, and the Postjona caves. We are also very interested in visiting the Plitvice Lakes for one day, but realize how crowded it can get in the summer months, so we are staying in Rastoke/Slunj for one night in order to get an early start at the lakes. In addition, we will be renting a car in Slovenia before heading to Croatia, so that we would have the option of possibly staying an additional night in Croatia on the way to Slunj (perhaps in one of the coastal towns like Opatija, Brsec, Moscenika Draga).

We love scenic beaches, which is why options like Opatija and Brsec appeal to us. My question is- are the beaches in that specific area (I'm not sure what to call that part of the coast?) worth a night/day trip? I found pictures of a beautiful "hidden" beach called beach Klancac and would love to visit it, however I have been having some difficulty finding much information about it (i.e. where it is exactly, how to get there, nearby restaurants, etc). I was wondering if there are any comparable beaches in that region that would make sense for this particular trip that would be worth visiting.
I would appreciate any help- thank you!

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We are doing a similar trip and I was just getting ready to post the same question....which beaches in the northern part of Croatia are best, but not too crowded? We LOVED Plitvice Lakes....the drive is amazing too!! Hope you get some responses!

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Thanks for your response! I hope I get some answers too being that it's been kind of difficult to find much info on the topic. Where did you drive to Plitvice from?