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Krk or Istria - which one to choose?

Hey everyone

We are planning a trip to Croatia in Sep 2015 and currently choosing between coastal cities/tows of Istria or the island of Krk.

We are 3 friends (girls) so the main criteria for us would be:

  • safety (which region is better in regards of safety)
  • interesting historical places (where there are more historical places to discover)
  • nice beaches (are there any sandy beaches in Croatia)
  • campsites (are there good rated campings with wifi, electricity, shower, toilets, hot water)
  • and possibility to experience scuba diving (are there any good places to dive, is it possible to dive without prior experience, is it possible to dive in Croatia in September)

The trip is 8 days long and we are striving for covering the sightseeing and diving as much as possible.

Also which of the regions would be easier to get to (we are traveling from Buc, Romania).

Thanks everyone in advance.

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Hi Val,
We are visiting Krk and Istria (Pula) this summer, so I can share what advice I've had from other travellers. Krk has several sandy beaches some located right next to campgrounds. Check out this website for descriptions: Since Istria is a larger, more populated area than Krk you will find more historical sites there. In either place I think it would be easier to have your own car to get around. Hope this helps a little.


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Hey, Val!
Unfortunately I havent been in Croatia so I cant tell you anything about the country. But I know enough about diving to give you few advices:

  • if you are not certified divers you can take courses in dive center or make intro dive
  • there a lot of nice dive centers on Krk and on Istria, you can choose dive center and book diving here and here
  • Check this, you can find there some information wich can help you.

Wish you fun and safety trip!

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Val, there is more to do in Istria - nothing really historical on Krk, they do have the world's narrowest street. Pula has Roman ruins. The "sandy" beach on Krk next to the campground is more like rocks mixed with sand/dirt. We hated it and moved to a pier for swimming, and my husband is from Croatia.