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Krilo Catamaran tickets - to reserve or not to

I'm trying to figure out if I should reserve catamaran tickets on Krilo on their website, which apparently is not secure (not "https"). Has anyone reserved tickets online with Krilo and encountered any issues? Should we just wait to purchase when we get there? My wife and I will be island hopping between Split-Hvar-Korcula-Dubrovnik in late May.

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I just looked at their website. Unfortunately, I couldn't get to the point of actually buying a ticket (with a credit card) without registering for an account there (which I would do if I were actually going to buy one). But, I see that yes, their main booking page does not use SSL encryption (https) and thus the "not secure" message in your browser.

However, I wouldn't worry about this lack of SSL UNLESS the page where you'd actually enter a credit card number is not SSL. Have you gotten that far? Often, you'll get redirected to a payment page on a different website which is SSL (or Paypal or something). If the page with credit card entry is SSL, I would not worry at all about making a purchase online.

The need for SSL encryption is a bit overblown. It only prevents people from (potentially) eavesdropping on your web browsing . You certainly care about that for SOME things - you want your email (like Gmail) encrypted, your bank website, perhaps even Facebook. But browsing a website for ferries? Who cares if a page is encrypted or not - unless it would take your credit card number or something sensitive like that?

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You have 2 official sites for catamarans.

Both sites are legit. I think you can book online 30/60 days before the departure dates or when you arrive in the town (do it first when u get there). There are many lines to get Korcula and Hvar daily. You will be fine finding the way. Bu sure is over busy is July and August. best