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Know anything about Rovinj Croatia?

I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on Rovinj Croatia?

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As relates to? Local life? Medieval lanes? Art and architecture? Low-priced B&B? Food?
We went to several other places in Croatia, but not Rovinj. I'd comment that the coastal highlight cities each have their own charm, although they can appear superficially similar, especially from aerial photographs. And I urge you not to sell short Split and Dubrovnik as over-touristed. Zadar might have been my favorite, partly because we chanced on a night, outdoor basketball game by the locals. It's a nice blend of charm, history, yet wealth and nightlife. But some people would say Zadar is too busy. Trogir was also a superb medieval-Venetian experience, but that's because we achieved the Rick Steves Nirvana of spending the night (on a small cruise ship) after the tour busses had left. It's hard to say that somewhere in Croatia is a "must" unless we know what's important to you.

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We used Rovinj as a base for exploring the Istrian Peninsula for a couple of days, staying in a studio apartment at House Kate B&B (owners Carmen and Mario were very nice). We had a very good meal at a nearby restaurant - the best truffle pasta dish ever!

We found Rovinj to be pleasant. It's also the site of a strange tale involving a floating sarcophagus and a virgin martyr...

We enjoyed a couple of hours in Pula, but liked Poreč better (nice mosaics in the 6th century Byzantine Basilica of Euphrasius).

IMO, the Istrian Peninsula is skippable. I would hands down switch Poreč, Rovinj and Pula with Zadar, Šibenik and Trogir, if these were not already included in your itinerary. We used Rovinj as a base for this area, renting at Apartmani Trogir.

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Not quite sure what you exactly want to know, but I have been to Rovinj and explored the whole of the Istrian Peninsula. Rovinj is a beautiful place and well worth a visit. The colors, the way it appears to float in the water and the atmosphere are superb. Food is that area is also fab. If you could give more details about what you want to know...

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HI Nicole - My brother, sister and I stayed in Dubrovnik, Kotor, Split, Rovinj, Lake Bled, Lake Plitvice, Ljubjlana, and Zagreb last year. Rovinj was our favorite location.

It's a beautiful town...smaller version of Split and Dubrovnik. Lots of charm and less tourists.

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We are looking at the Best of Eastern Europe Tour and Rovinj has been added in lieu of Rab Island. I was wondering what we would like to do or general thoughts!

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"I was wondering what we would like to do or general thoughts!"

Sorry, Nicole, but your request is still very unclear. Be specific about what you want to know. You want us to tell you what we think you would like to do?