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Kinder eggs ok to take to usa

Can I bring kinder eggs home to USA from Europe

Posted by Norma
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Kinder Eggs are available everywhere in Canada, and I would be surprised if you can't buy them in the USA. Have you checked?

Posted by Jennifer
Tunbridge Wells
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I got the answer on Google - yes you can! There is better chocolate in Europe than this, though.

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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While there is now a legal version of the treats for sale in the USA (Kinder Joy), the European version (Kinder Surprise) doesn't meet US safety requirements so technically you can't bring them into the country. According to media reports US customs seizes about 50,000 of eggs a year passing through various border points. It's not something you will be arrested for but they can be confiscated so balance the risk/reward.

Posted by Norma
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Gosh, I wonder how many European children have health problems from eating Kinder Surprise or even over-eating them.

Posted by Mark
Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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The issue is not with the candy portion, it is the surprise. Due to the small pieces usually included in the surprise, the US feels there is too much of a chance a child might swallow one of the parts and choke on it. Have not heard this is a problem anywhere else in the world.

Posted by JC
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The yellow cases used to house the toys are firm favourites with drug dealers who can cram quite a few wraps of crack or heroin in them and then secrete them very personally. American drug dealers must be looking at their European counterparts with envy.

It makes my eyes water just to think about it.

Posted by Emily
Vienna, Austria
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It’s a choking hazard. I bring them to the US on every trip. Never had them taken away.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Technically no you can not bring European or Canadain kinder eggs back to the USA - although you are allowed to bring back a Lion pelt .

Sorry had to do that .

Posted by Brad
Belmont Bay, VA
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They used to be considered a choking hazard and weren't allowed.

I saw Kinder eggs display at a store here recently and remarked to the person I was with that the prohibition must have been lifted. Either that or the store shouldn't have been selling them (but was anyway).

I'm guessing it may be okay to bring them back now but it's worth checking with CBP.

Edit: Maybe it was a Kinder joy display? They looked the same. And yes, I'm pretty sure all European children have died by now from either eating Kinder Eggs or drinking unpasteurized milk.