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itinerary Zagreb-Plitvice-Dubrovnik-Italia

We are two adult couples, and we have three weeks, beginning mid-September,
but time gets used up quickly by traveling, so:

1st day & night in Flight from USA to Zagreb
arrive Zagreb (2 nights) recover/adjust from flight.
Car rental to Plitvice Lakes (2 nights, so one entire day at Lakes)
drive back to airport and FLY Zagreb to Dubrovnik
(stay 7 including trip to Mostar & 2 nights on Korcula)
FLY DBV to ROME (3 nights)
Train to Cinque Terre(3 nights)
Train to Florence(3 nights)
That's all, FLY back to USA from Florence.

What could we improve by changing?
We plan to drive a rental car from Zagreb to Plitvice and back
to the airport for a local rental price.
Would it be an improvement to continue driving south from Plitvice
to Split or all the way to DBV? What "drop charges" would we incur?

Other suggestions?

The other couple have only been to Venice, Italy,
and we want them to see more of Italy.
Flight tickets to Zagreb are purchased,
we are working on everything else.

Thanks! Wan & Bob

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So long as you are picking up and dropping off in the same country, you should not encounter any drop fees. Check with the agency, however, just to make sure.

Overall, I think your plan is fine. The drive from the lakes to Southern Dalmatia is a long one, so I can understand the thought on flying. That said, you would have passed many beautiful places on the way down - Sibenik, Trogir, Split - all of which could be good places to break up the journey for a night. You could also car ferry it down which would be a beautiful alternative. Just something to think about.

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Thanks Emily.

Here's my drive/ferry option:

I see that we could rent a Skoda Octavia and drive from Zagreb to Plitvice,
and then on to Split spending a couple days doing it.
From Split we could travel by ferry to Korcula for two nights,
Then only have 3 or 4 nights in Dubrovnik,
which is probably fine but might be short is we want to see Mostar?

For about Euro 240 for 5 days with SCDW and 50 Euro drop fee.
4 days would cost even less.
That costs less than flying from Zagreb to DBV for 4 people,

and we would get to see more of the country.

I'm not having any luck seeing ferry prices from my iPad,
but it seems the ferry leaves Split around 5pm in September
arriving in Korcula about 3 hours later. So, 2 nights in Korcula.

To ferry from Korcula to DBV is the ferry dock several miles north of DBV?

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Hi Wan and Bob - I think this revision sounds good and, as you say, will get you seeing more of the country. For ferry schedules, here is the link (remember you will need a car ferry):

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Thanks Emily, it sounds like you have made this trip?

We plan to check in the car in Split and take the passenger ferry to Korcula.

Then, instead of taking the inconveniently scheduled passenger ferry from Korcula to Dubrovnik,
We are thinking to use the transfer service from Korcula to Dubrovnik.
I see passenger boat to DBV is only Tues and Saturday? And takes 3.5 hours?

The Korkyra transfer service claims to be door to door and apparently uses the frequent ferry service, several per day, from Korcula to Orebic, and includes a couple of stops for wine tasting and lunch.
With four of us, we would do their private transfer.

Do you about Koryra?


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It looks like you've had some good advice. It does sound unusual to me to rent a car for two days just to go to Plitvice, so I would want to keep it and use if for more than that. I'm also glad to see that you are planning to fly from Dubrovnik to Rome.

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Thanks Lauren and Emily,
We have revised our car rental ALL the way to Dubrovnik,
the drop charge we are quoted as 65Euros.
So in driving from Plitvice to DBV,
we think two overnight stops to be enough?
We are staying two nights at Plitvice, so the morning of our departure
we think we can easily drive to Split and even get in a little sight seeing.
(Diocletian's at least).
If we get a late start from Split, where is our next stop?
We have the NEW 2014 RS guidebook, but I don't see any recommendations...?
Is Makarska or a little further to Drvenik possible stops for an enjoyable stay?
Is TripAdvisor or our best places to look for Makarska/Drvenik rooms.
We are trying to get as nice as our budget allows, around $100US.
Thanks, Again.