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Itinerary validation- thank you!

Dear seasoned travellers,

I'm hoping you might check the feasibility of my travel plans to Croatia. That would be extremely helpful and give me piece of mind.

Itinerary: (northward trajectory...around 400km in total, done over 10 days)

Objective: explore, beach, party, culture, food

  1. Land in Dubrovnik (explore) + rent a car (Active or City Rent)

  2. Drive to Makarska beach (explore + party)

  3. Drive/boat to Hvar (explore + party)

  4. Drive to Split

  5. Drive to Plitvice

  6. Drive to Zadar + give back car + fly home

Extremely grateful for your help,

Best wishes,


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I can't speak about Makarska, as I haven't ever been there, but I do think you have a lot of destinations in 10 days, especially accounting for ferry travel to Hvar and back. (You can't drive from Hvar to Split, and where are you catching your ferry to Hvar from?) You also won't need your car on Hvar; if you want to explore the island, you can easily rent a scooter to do that, but you can also easily stay in Hvar town and happily fulfill all five of your objectives.

You don't say how much time you plan to spend in each place, but in ten days you won't have much time in any of them. You might consider cutting Hvar out of your itinerary, just because the travel time probably makes it impractical.

Otherwise, you should have no problem fulfilling your objectives in a lot of varied ways in the places you are hoping to see. Enjoy!

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Hi Lane,

Thank very much for your answer.
A couple follow up questions if I may?

  1. How long is a ferry ride from Split to Hvar?
  2. Which are the best party spots. Is Hvar worth it for party and for exploring?

Thank you,


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Hugo, yes, to follow up on Mike W, it's not the length of the ferry ride itself, but the frequency of ferries that might be the issue for you, and that depends largely on what time of year you're traveling.

Partying isn't one of my big travel objectives (I can do that just fine at home if I want to), but I definitely got the sense that Hvar is a party locale in the sense that most seaside resorts are. There are plenty of restaurants and nightclubs in town. I was there in May (shoulder season), but even then there was a sense that this is a place people come to enjoy themselves.

From what I read about Makarska, it's probably much the same in that sense.

I'm not the one to tell you the best party spots, though. And "explore" is a pretty vague term. I think you can explore just about anywhere, depending on what you're looking for.