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Itinerary suggestions for the best undiscovered islands in Croatia???

We are putting together our itinerary for a return trip to Croatia. I'm looking for the best islands that are off the beaten path. We are already planning to visit Korcula again, and avoiding Hvar again. What other islands would be great for a few laid back nights? We would love to have some comments about any past experiences on Vis, Rab, Mljet, Brac, Krk, or any of the others.


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What month? Lastovo, just off Korcula, would make a good choice.
I would not even avoid Hvar outside of July and August.
Vis is much more popular now than when I visited several years ago, but I would not hesitate to return. Wheels are a plus on this island, whether car, scooter, or bicycle if you are fit (I saw the hill going out of Vis town and decided scooter).
Brac is similar to Hvar and Korcula, only Bol would be overly crowded.
I have not been to Mljet, but I'd put it on the list given you'll be visiting Korcula (for geographical convenience), and I am sure the park makes it nice.
I have not been to Krk or Rab, but Mali Losinj and Cres are great too--what is the entire itinerary?

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Our itinerary is still in the planning stage due to COVID. This will be our 2nd visit to Croatia. We will most likely be flying in to Trogir/Split, and flying out of Pula. No stops this trip for Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Plivice. We will be returning to Kocula for 6 laid back nights, and will going to Rovinj for 4 or 5 nights. We need to fiĺl a few days somewhere. So the obvious chice would be one of the islands. We like to absorb the culture by staying awhile in an area. We enjoy historical places, piazze, and good food.

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Lastovo is fairly rustic--perfect for a nature lover. It's more a smattering of settlements, so for historical interest, I'd look elsewhere, but if you just want to enjoy hiking, swimming, seafood, then it's perfectly off the beaten path (other than August).
Vis has a tad more in terms of historical/cultural sites, with stunning cove beaches. I think Lastovo or Vis would be equally convenient given your plans in Korcula. See the Jadrolinija and Krilo schedules.
Since you are considering ending in Pula, I'd consider the northern islands too. You'll have to consider transit options, but there is a ferry that goes from Zadar to Losinj. Losinj to Zagreb via Rijeka is easy via public transport by bus or sea, but getting to Pula might be cumbersome, unless you were planning on renting a car. If you like all of the natural beauty Croatia offers but appreciate an attractive and historic town, then I would certainly look at Krk and Rab (both look a bit like Trogir in photos I've seen). Cres probably has more historic appeal than Losinj--we passed through en route to Losinj. Great hiking on the islands and of course beaches.

You really can't go wrong! I visited four times, mostly in southern Dalmatia, but my one trip to the northern islands impressed me. We did all four trips by boat and bus, but I'm eager to return and explore with a car.

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Supposing that you fly into Zadar (Croatia Airlines flew Zagreb - Zadar - Pula last time I went ) enjoy that and go to Korcula by rental car or bus with an N95 mask, you can loop back to Pula via any of the northern islands. Rab has a wonderful old town, best at the time of the summer medieval fair (Rapska Fiera) but is harder to get to as not well linked to other islands. Best by car ferry or bus.
Losinj island is wonderful and clean and can be reached by the ferry from Zadar normally. But it may not run in Covid times due to reduced ridership and limited occupancy rules. Check Total Croatia News for links to all the ferry and bus sites. Mali Losinj where the ferry lands is a ten minute taxi ride (or a 20 min seaside path walk, very fine ) from Veli Losinj, the smaller town in spite of its name. Both have plenty of trails and beaches to explore. Bus and ferry connections to the main Istrian peninsula from Losinj and Cres islands (connected by a neck but since the Romans built a canal two separate islands) are good, although often require going up to Rijeka to go back down to Pula. There are passenger only catamarans, check which are running in Covid times. These islands seem to have stayed less developed than Krk, etc. but times are changing . All of Croatia will be much quieter in 2021....they have just opened a network of trails (paths) and other outdoor options. Mountain bikes are also big in Croatia now,
PS By definition, the best undiscovered islands are likely shared only among close friends to stay that way. Small is beautiful.