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Itinerary ideas

We are arriving in Dubrovnik in mid September on a Thursday night leaving Monday morning (Sunday morning we join a tour that starts there).

1.Is that enough time for Dubrovnik?
2.Could we fit in a day trip to Kotor and still see all of Dubrovnik? And if so any apecific recommends? Private driver/tour? Are there visa or other requirements for Montenegro?
3.We end our tour at the ferry terminal in Split. Is 3 nights a good number for there?
4.Is a day trip to Plitvice Lakes enough? And again, any specific recommends?

Any and all ideas are welcome and appreciated!

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With two full days (Friday and Saturday) to see "all of" Dubrovnik, you could do it. It depends, though, on what is "all of" is for you. If you want to walk the wall, stroll the Stradun and take the cable car up to Mt. Srd, a day is enough. If you want to delve slightly deeper and visit the Ethnographic Museum, the cathedral, the two museums/exhibits about Dubrovnik during the war (one on the Stradun, one on Mt Srd), the Serbian Orthodox church, the maritime museum, or other "lesser" sites, you'll need two days. Also, if you're a Game of Thrones fan, you'll probably want time to spend in the exhibit and/or tours. Based on your choices there, you could then make a Kotor decision. There's currently another thread on Kotor day trips vs staying over there. There were no visa requirements when we visited, but it is always a good idea to check the State Department website on such matters. Of course, you'll need to keep current on the COVID entry requirements as well.

I think that Split in 3 days is just about right. Diocletian's Palace (and the attached Cathedral of St. Domnius) is the main draw, but the Ethnographic Museum in Split is also worth the time. If you're not going to Zagreb, I'd make time to see the Mestrovic Gallery. Mestrovic was Croatia's most important artist and his work can be seen all over the country as well as in the US.

From where would you day trip to Plitvice? From Split it's 3 hours. I suppose the best way to do it would be on a bus tour, but if you've got the time, the park deserves a day. If you can manage an overnight somehow, that would allow you to arrive at the park in the early morning, thus beating the masses of tourists that arrive mid-day.. Plitvice requires advance-purchase tickets, so plan ahead.

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Plitvice Lakes National Park is not a day trip from Split, Zagreb yes but not Split. Furthermore, you want to be at the park first thing in the morning because it is crowded as most national parks are.

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I would spend a night at Plitvice Lakes National Park. In order to avoid the worst of the crowds, we checked into our hotel (Plitvice Miric Inn, which I highly recommend) in the afternoon. We entered the park at 4PM, and we visited the Upper Lakes. Then the next day we entered the park by 9AM and visited the Lower Lakes. IIRC, we returned to the parking lot by noon and there were TONS of tour buses. So late afternoon and early morning works the best to avoid the crowds.

We spent 4 nights in Split and loved it! Split is beautiful with its gorgeous architecture and its location on the water. We took 2 day trips from Split: one to Hvar Town on the island of Hvar, and one to Trogir.

I strongly recommend hiring a tour guide for Diocletian's Palace and the old town. We hired Maya Benzon who is recommended by Rick. It was a private 2-hour tour and well worth it.

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Yes, the highlights of Dubrovnik are easily seen in one day. Just like any other place you visit, you can find more to do such as kayaking around the wall, visiting the smaller museums, and spending a morning walking around Lokrum and having lunch. Split is one of my favorite cities. I also have a very good guide which we have used on both our trips. His prices are very reasonable and he is born in Split and a very interesting person.

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It would be great to get your guide's info if you don't mind