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Itinerary help - Southern part of Croatia

Hi, my family of 4 (incl 2 middle schoolers) are traveling to Croatia at the end of August and this is our itinerary so far. We have hotels booked but can cancel any of them right now. Any tips or feedback on this? We haven't decided yet how we are going to get around- if we will rent a car for certain days or book day trips. I'm worried about the reviews of our hotel in Hvar- sounds like a big party hotel. It's not inexpensive (like most everywhere in Croatia end of August!) so if we should switch to Korcula or extend our trip elsewhere we could do that too. Thanks in advance!

Day 1: Arrive Dubrovnik 4 pm; stay 3 nights
Day 2: Dubrovnik
Day 3: Dubrovnik [Day trip to Kotor, Montenegro – half day sailing trip]
Day 4: Hvar; stay 2 nights
Day 5: Hvar
Day 6: Split; stay 2 nights
Day 7: Split
Day 8: Back to Dubrovnik with day trip to Mostar, Bosnia on the way back
Day 9: Dubrovnik [Daytrip to Kotor, Montenegro]
Day 10: Depart 11:30 am

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Generally looks pretty OK to me. Dubrovnik to Hvar, and Hvar to Split can be done on the catamaran ferry. Your kids will enjoy it. Not sure about Hvar vs Korcula. How will you do the Split->Dubrovnik leg? Possibly consider a private driver. Driving in Croatia is fine, but there is the entry into B-H to be done.

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In August, I would stay in Stari Grad, not Hvar town, which would be far too noisy for me. You could then take the ferry from SG to Split.

How are you planning to get around on day 8?

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Thank you for your responses. Should we rent a car in Split on Day 7, drop off in Dubrovnik on Day 9?

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When I last looked at visiting Mostar as a day stop by bus in September, the timing of buses didn't work well. I wound up staying overnight in Mostar instead, but that option probably doesn't work for your trip. Unless bus schedules have changed, you may need to travel by car, assuming taking the rental car into Bosnia is permitted. If you rent a car, you might consider using it for your day 9 visit to Kotor. You might even consider staying nights 8 and 9 in Montenegro rather than Dubrovnik. There have been recent postings about very nice and inexpensive lodgings about a half hour drive south of Dubrovnik, which would also be convenient to the airport.

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Thank you. That's a good point- keep the daytrip/other country excursions to the same part of the trip and go to Mostar Day 8 on the way back from Split to Dubrovnik and Kotor Day 9. I'll research rental car options.