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Itinerary for Croatia and Slovenia

I only have a week so will definitely have to come back. Did I plan too much or not. Any suggested changes?
Day 1 Arrive Zagreb in morning, rent car, tour Zagreb and drive to Plitivice. Sleep at Hotel Jezero.

Day 2 Spend whole day walking trails. Sleep at Hotel Jezero

Day 3 Leave early for Opatija or Lovran (3 hour drive) Hike at Mt Ucka Nature Park

Day 4 Walk along lungomare in Opatija. Lunch in Voloska. Drive to Porec. (1 hour). Sleep in Porec

Day 5 Drive to Lipica Lippizaner horse farm (1 1/2 hour drive) Take 10:00 or 11:00 tour. Drive to Lake Bled. If there is time go to Lake Bohinj or Vintgar Gorge. Sleep in Radovljica

Day 6 Spend all day hiking in Lake Bled area. Again sleep in Radovljica

Day 7 Drive to Ljubljana through Skofja Loka. Walk around town. Drive to Zagreb. Sleep in Zagreb and leave from airport next morning

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We were just in that region last fall. You're spending a lot of time in the car--for a more relaxed trip here are some things to consider:

We really liked Lovran and especially Villa Vera as a place to stay. You can walk to Opatija from Lovran--it's about 6.5 km. and a lovely walk along the sea. One or two nights would be good there but you could skip Lovran.

Skip Porec this trip--it's in the opposite direction and drive time is closer to 1.5 hours.

Spend two or three nights in Ljubljana and day trip to Lake Bled. If you decide to stay in Radovljica check out Penzion Kovec--especially good if you have a car.

If you can't spend a couple of nights in Ljubljana, I'd skip it unless you stay near Lake Bled and day trip from there.

Map out the drive times, eliminate destinations that are out of the way and try to spend at least two nights in most locations--for this trip, one night in Zagreb is probably enough. Something like Plitvice-2 nights, Lovran-1 night, Ljubljana or Lake Bled-3 nights (day trip to Vintgar Gorge and Lake Bled from Ljubljana or spend a day in Ljubljana from Radovljica), Zagreb-1 night.

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Thank you Sharon. We are staying at Penzion Kovac (I must have read about it on another post of yours).
What is there to do in Ljubljana and in Zagreb?

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Ljubljana is a nice smaller city with a wonderful Old Town and an excellent open market for picnic supplies, etc. You can hike to the castle, wander around the city to see the examples of architecture by Jose Plecnik (Triple Bridge and National Library.) We like the variety restaurants there too. It's one of our favorite cities in Europe.

With one afternoon in Zagreb you can walk to or take the funicular to the Upper Town to see Saint Marks Square. There are a couple of interesting museums there--the Museum of Naive and also the Museum of Broken Relationships. The Lower Town has lots of outdoor restaurants and cafes.

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I'd also add that if you're staying at Penzion Kovec, it's probably going to be less expensive than staying in Ljubljana. I'd spend a couple of nights in that location and take a day trip to Ljubljana. Radovljica is a perfect base for exploring the area around Lake Bled.

You'll have a great time!