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Itinerary advice

We have a week to travel from Split to Zagreb where our flights depart. Our plan was to rent a car in Split, drive to Plitivice and then go to Zagreb, then take a day excursion to Lake Bled from there. Now we're thinking we might want to include driving to Ljubljana and spending a couple of nights instead of just taking a day trip. Is it reasonable to try to do that in 6 days? We'd want to stay near Plitvice before spending the day there. If we tried to include driving to Lake Bled, what order should we do it in? And, are there issues with crossing the border (twice) in a car we rented in Croatia?

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are there issues with crossing the border (twice) in a car we rented in Croatia?

I rented a car through Avis in Zagreb and drove through Croatia and into/out of Slovenia (and Italy) with no trouble whatsoever. Because I rented the car in Croatia, I had to buy the Slovenian highway-toll vignette (15 Euros at the time for a week, I think) myself. You can buy those near and at the Slovenian border.

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I don't think there will be any car issues, but I would always advise the car-rental company about planned border-crossings. There could be insurance paperwork needed.

Lake Bled is gorgeous but quite small. To me Ljubljana is a lot more interesting. I think it would be a shame to miss Ljubljana if you're going to Bled, but with limited time you don't want to try to do the impossible.

I'd take a hard look at the driving times provided by, remembering that they don't include stops, getting lost, searching for parking, etc.

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I haven't spent time in Croatia (I will in a month!) but Slovenia is amazing. Ljubljana the capital is clean and a wonderful walking city with a castle to explore. Lake Bled is fun for hiking, seeing the castle on the hill or boating to the island. I would maybe skip Lake Blad (as that is NorthWest of the capital) and instead head to lesser known towns in East Slovenia on the way to Zagreb. I know they have great vineyards in the Eastern areas.

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Just back from several of these places. I would say you should do the first 2 nights in Plitvice and the last 2 nights in Zagreb and choose a place to make a 2 night stop inbetween. Bled could be an option - but decide how you want to spend your one full day there ahead of time. For example, if you want to see the caves, which are great, consider spending the 2 nights in Piran instead, which is way closer and likely just as pleasant. If you want to do Julian Alps, then Bled is a good choice. I think Bled itself is only worth a half day and 2 nights on a quick trip. Given that you will finish in Zagreb, which I loved by the way, I would prioritize either the caves or the alps over Ljubljana.

Rovinj is another option, but you will likely have already done the Croatian coastal town thing on this trip prior to Plitvice.