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Italy to Croatia in 12 Days What Should We See?

My friends and I are starting in Rome, taking the train to Sienna. We have 6 Days saved for Croatia. Should we fly to Croatia?
Besides Dubrovnik, I'd really like to see the Plitvice National Park. I'm feeling lost of how to get these in and having time to relax.
I'd like to stay on the coast as much as possible. Help!

Thank you

Posted by valadelphia
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Flying is the only way to make this work. Check skyscanner for flights.
To see Plitvice, the ideal scenario would be to fly to Zagreb, drive to Plitvice, stay a night, then continue on to Split and spend your 5 days between there and Dubrovnik.
Are flights booked out of Dubrovnik already? I have to say, I would spend that time in Italy rather than squeeze this in, but I am a slow and lazy traveler!

Posted by Andrew H.
Portland, Oregon
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Look for a direct flight from Venice to Dubrovnik (not every day) or maybe even Milan to Dubrovnik. Rent a car there as you leave town and drive to Plitvice (or take a long bus ride), drop the car in Zagreb, and fly home out of Zagreb if you can. If six days means five nights, then you might do two nights in Dubrovnik, one night in Plitvice, one night in Zagreb, and maybe one night elsewhere between Dubrovnik and Plitvice (e.g. Trogir, Split, Sibenik).

You're still going to lose a lot of time in transit between Siena and Dubrovnik. With only six days, some people might suggest you skip Croatia on this trip and spend the time in Italy instead instead of running around so much - or extend your time in Europe so you can spend more time in Croatia and be able to relax more.

Posted by valadelphia
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Andrew's plan is better if flights are not booked, as flights home from Zagreb very likely to be easier.
And a car would not be vital, but with limited time it might be prudent for a portion at least.
Let us know your options.

Posted by sharon
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Honestly with 12 days and trying to fit in Italy and Croatia, you probably will not have time to relax :)

I have 13 days for Croatia alone and am finding it hard to fit everything in

Posted by murphyp OP
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If you were to edit your trip to Croatia, aside from Plitvice where would you go if you wanted a chill relaxing 5 days?

Posted by valadelphia
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I would have to know your flight options to decide. You can hardly go wrong as long as you limit it to a couple places with Plitvice shoehorned in, so first look at flights so you will know how to maximize your time.

Posted by Laura
Rick Steves' Europe
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The most flight options to Dubrovnik are usually from Rome. Skyscanner will also search from "Italy," if you want to check all options.