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Island of Korcula

My wife & I are planning a trip to Crotia in late April / early May. We're going to be spending a lot of time in Dubrovnik, but we also read about Korcula - both the island and Korcula town - in Rick's "Crotia & Slovenia" book.

The town and island sound sensational .Does anyone have any thoughts re: Korcula, e.g.,

  1. After one has spent a bit of time on Dubrovnik, is Korcula worth the trip?

  2. Is it better to do a day trip from Dubrovnik to Korcula? Or to stay on the island?

  3. Is there much to see in Korcula town? It seems quite interesting, esp. the old town. How about the rest of the island?

  4. How about the first/second week of May - is it warm enough to enjoy it?

Thanks for any responses.

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Korcula is certainly worth a visit. The historical centre is very small, you can see it in a few hours, but the Croatian coast is the way I see it more for lingering around and enjoying the slow pace of life. I think a daytrip is possible if you have a car. But you can use public transport and do some island hopping and Korcula is a nice place for spending the night. Well that´s what I did in 2001, taking the bus from Dubrovnic and eventually went back with one of the ferries, have no idea if that´s still possible nowadays.

However have no experience with visiting the rest of the island or the weather in May.

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I spent two nights in Korcula in mid/late May 2014, and I headed to Dubrovnik from there.

The old town of Korcula is definitely worth seeing, but you could do that in an afternoon; I didn't explore the island much beyond that; just went for a walk along the shore just west of the old town. You could rent a bike or motor scooter if you want to go further afield. I did that on the island of Hvar, and I imagine the island of Korcula is similar.

I also had a phenomenal dinner in Korcula at Nonno.

One thing to consider is that in early May there will be limited transportation options between Dubrovnik and Korcula. It would probably be difficult to do it as a day trip. But the weather should be lovely. It was warm and pleasant when I was there.

If you have time, stay for two nights, but plan on a late arrival and an early departure, giving you one full day on the island.

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A few thoughts on Korcula........

  1. YES, Korcula is absolutely worth the trip! It's incredibly beautiful (IMO) and a great place to just relax for a few days.
  2. I don't know if a day trip is realistically possible at that time of year, but I would recommend at least two and possibly three nights.
  3. Yes, there are a few things to see. It's fun to explore the historic old town area and there are some Museums such as the Marco Polo Museum. You could also perhaps take a boat tour around the area. There are lots of nice restaurants and small shops.
  4. Here are the averages, but of course no guarantees......

If you decide to stay there, I'd highly recommend

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we enjoyed Korcula very much and did it car free. The tour offered by the TI in Korcula was excellent and only 40 Euro per person. Two nights minimum. Also as wine tour of the Peljesac Peninsula was fabulous. You can have a driver take you from Dubrovnik to Korcula via the Peljesac.