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is Mostar overnight worth it?

I will coming from Split and take the earliest bus going to Dubrovnik (5 am is the earliest bus). Then after I arrive, I'm just going to explore to the city for 2 days. But I'm thinking doing a daytrip or overnight in Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Because I've heard it's beautiful there at night. Then I'm coming back to Dubrovnik the next day. What do you guys think?

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It's always a matter of "how much time do you have?" Mostar is definitely nicer at night after the day trippers have left - much quieter. I spent a single night there, which was plenty for me. It's not a huge town.

But for me, getting up so crazy early to catch at 5am bus would possibly negate the possible benefits of spending a night. I had a car, and driving was easy, so I'd probably do it that way again.

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No need to spend the night. As stated Mostar is very small and hilly. You can definitely see all in one day. We were there last September, just for a quick tour and lunch, and it wasn’t crowded at all. Don’t know if this tourist season will be more crowded.

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I am very glad I spent the night in Mostar. I stayed at the Muslibegovic House, and that alone made the overnight stay worthwhile. It's a charming hotel that is also a museum. (I hope they're still open; their website doesn't seem to have been updated in years.)

Mostar is beautiful at night, and I met some very friendly people in shops and eateries who would have been too busy to chat during the day when there were more tourists.

I agree that a stop in Počitelj is worthwhile.