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Is March is good time to travel in Croatia?

My husband is going on a business trip to Belgrade and we are thinking of combining it with a 10 day vacation in the area. We are mostly interested in Croatia. Would the second half of March be a good time for this? Weather? are hotels/restaurants open?

Would it be easy/affordable to travel from Belgrade to Dubrovnik or Split? What's the best way?

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March is not the best time to travel in Croatia. Dalmatian coast is in dead season. Some town's hotels and restaurants will be opened however most resorts will be closed. The best way from Belgrade to Dubrovnik or Split is to fly. It's a long way by bus. By train to Split (Dubrovnik does not have train) it takes 16 hours with one change in Zagreb.

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March isn't a great time to travel to Croatia, particularly the islands. I know two local families who describe themselves resident on Hvar, but they go to the mainland over the winter (i.e. until mid-April).

A good indication of a place is flights in from other European destinations - e.g. Split has over 100 flights a day in peak season but 7 a day this week. Easyjet start flights to Split from London after the winter on 30 March. Most of Split's flights are internal, from Zagreb over the winter.

The main cities Split/Dubrovnik have lots of residents and things will therefore be open, but there won't be much activity in-between, so divide your time between these two places.

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The coastal resorts will be in low season, as others mentioned, therefore most establishments are closed. Of course Dubrovnik and other cities throughout the Balkans will be just as beautiful in winter.
I just want to warn you that as you move away from the Mediterranean coast, the temperatures drop significantly, and that difference is particularly remarkable in Spring and Fall. Take with you the same clothes you would wear in Calgary in March.

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Shoulder season begins in May. With anything before that, you will find a lot of the place closed up, especially on the islands. The ferry schedule is very restricted. As for getting there, your best bet is to fly. No trains go to Dubrovnik and trains to Split are few and far between.

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Thanks for the heads up! I guess this time, I'll stay home and let my husband decide if he wants to add a couple of days to explore "the general vicinity".