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Is Hvar fun/safe for a single woman?

I'm traveling through Split and Dubrovnik this summer and am going to do a day trip to Hvar as well, but I'm wondering if it is safe and/or worth it to spend a night there. I've heard it has a lot of good bars and that it's one of the best places in Croatia to party, but I don't know if it's actually fun rather than just touristy and over-priced, and since I am a woman traveling alone, I also don't know how safe it would be in the bars at night. Does anyone have any experience or perspective on this?

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I can't imagine anywhere in Croatia would be unsafe for a single woman. Obviously, being inebriated in a party charged atmosphere puts you in a similar risk of stupid things happening as anywhere else. Are you going to Hvar for the nightlife? If not, you may have to consider not paying a premium for the privilege of staying there. It's expensive because travel marketing has exploited the hell out of it, and it draws wealthy celebrities (as well as mere mortals). But it's not the only choice as far as beautiful islands go (Korcula, Brac, etc are alternatives). Not to dissuade you form going there, but do compare the costs with alternatives and decide if Hvar is worthwhile for what you're trying to get out of it. All of Croatia is beautiful - you will not miss much if you skip the most popular or marketed places.

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Yes, Hvar is safe, but if you are inebriated late at night as anywhere, you may have issues.

Is it touristy? Yes, few locals go clubbing.

Is it over-priced? Obviously not, as lots of people are prepared to pay these prices.

Is it expensive compared with the rest of Hvar or the rest of Croatia? Certainly. Drink and food is about 50% more expensive than the same thing in nearby Stari Grad.

Much of the accommodation has a 3 night minimum booking in peak season on the islands

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Well Croatia is very safe place and Hvar also, you don`t need to worry to stay single while you are there...its island of party and great time :)