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Internet/Wifi service? RoamFree Ninja?

I would like to have wifi for my iPad (and ideally, would be able to connect another device or two for family members). I've found info. for RoamFree Ninja online, which is a mobile wifi router. It looks like it would solve our problems, but it's a bit expensive (around $10/day). We don't need phone service. There seem to be cheaper options through T-Hrvatski Telekom and VIP, but I would need to get a SIM Card... so it's a bigger hassle, and would limit me to one device. Has anyone used any of these options? I'd be curious to know about reception/ease of use... if there were any problems or issues. Thank you!

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Why pay for it? There is free wifi all over Europe.

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Generally, it is my plan to depend on wifi at public places while out of the house. Unfortunately, we will not have access to wifi where we are staying (a private residence).