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Input on 2 week itinerary for Croatia

Croatia Itinerary for 2 week trip
10:27 am, today
I would appreciate input regarding the rough itinerary I've put together for a two week trip to Croatia in the fall of 2015.

Day 1 Fly from US to Zagreb
Day 2 Arrive Zagreb and stay overnight
Day 3 Zagreb to Plitvice Natl Park
Day 4 Plitvice
Day 5 Plitvice to Rovinj
Day 6 Sightsee Rovinj area
Day 7 Rovinj to Split (long coastal drive with stops)
Day 8 Split
Day 9 Split to an Island (yet to be decided)
Day 10 Island/sightsee
Day 11 Island to Dubrovnik (probably by way of Split/bus)
Day 11 Dubrovnik
Day 12 Dubrovnik (Day trip to Montenegro)
Day 13 Dubrovnik
Day 14 Depart for US
Day 15 Arrive US

The only thing I'm a bit nervous about is travel to/from an island. I'm leaning toward Hvar because it seems easiest and nice also. Any input about travel between Split- Island- Dubrovnik would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Regarding the island part of your trip -- we have been to Hvar and Korcula, but our favorite was the tiny island of Vis, which you might want to consider. It will be less expensive and not so crowded as Hvar and Korcula.

Vis is accessible from Split via ferry every morning, and there's an early morning ferry from Vis back to Split -- you get off the ferry, walk across the street to the bus station and catch your bus to Dubrovnik.

Vis is a quiet little island with a big yacht harbor. The main town (Vis Town?) is where the ferries dock. Walk around the harbor and there's an area called Kut, which is slightly more picturesque. It's so small though that it doesn't really matter where you stay.

There's a gorgeous little fishing village on the other side of the island, called Komiza. From there you can take an excursion to a Blue Hole -- but go on a sunny day. The day we went it was cloudy and the blue wasn't so striking. Here's a link to a story about Vis.

Regarding Dubrovnik -- we obviously prefer quiet, uncrowded places. So on our two visits to the Dubrovnik area we actually stayed in Cavtat, another gorgeous little fishing village just south of Dubrovnik, near the Dubrovnik airport. You can take a bus or ferry into Dubrovnik to see the sights, but the benefit of doing this from Cavtat is (a) you can see the Dubrovnik harbor from Cavtat, and if it is filled with cruise ships, you know to put off your visit for another day -- and (b) you get to leave Dubrovnik and come back to peaceful Cavtat and watch the sunset from the harborside cafes. You can also take the Montenegro tour (highly recommended) from Cavtat. And when you're ready to leave, the airport is just a few minutes away.

EDIT: Here's a link to a timetable showing cruise ships in port in Dubrovnik in September 2015, which can be helpful in planning your stay in that area. You can change the date, port, etc. depending on your needs.

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I have to agree with both of the above responses. Our favorite island was Vis, and Sibinek was pretty cool as well!

We traveled to Vis from Split and loved the laid back attitude there. They have an old outdoor theater with the latest or somewhat latest movies.....You sit in fold up chairs, outside under the stars. Not many of those theaters around. Some of our family recently visited Hvar and tell us that it's even more cool, but then, I can't do a comparison there. I've heard that Hvar is a bit more busy, more people and Vis is definitely low key.

It is definitely worth a trip up to Sibinek! The town was quaint, great little restaurants and the people were nice. We took a bus up to Krka National Park, which was a highlight of our trip! There is the most brilliant green water and waterfalls along with boardwalks through the gardens and trees were spectacular. My advice would be to look into the park a bit more as you'll see it's quite worth the visit. Once you walk through the park on their boardwalk/pathways, you can swim in the gorgeous water. It's absolutely stunning!