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Hwy 8 Road Condition? Sibenik to Split

Does Anyone have feedback on the drive from Sibenik to Split on Hwy 8? It looks like a lovely winding road along the coast, and we love those, but not if it’s problematic; traffic, bad road, super slow, etc. Google Maps says it should take around 1-3/4hr, and we are looking for a scenic route.

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The drive from Šibenik to Split on Highway 8 is a scenic coastal route with beautiful views. The road quality is generally good, but it can be winding, so drive cautiously. Traffic can vary with the season and time of day, so consider travelling during off-peak hours. The estimated travel time is around 1-3/4 hours, but it can change based on factors like traffic and stops. Plan some scenic stops along the way to enjoy the coastal beauty of Croatia.