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How to purchase tickets for Jupiters Temple and Cathedral of St. Dominus online?

Hello everyone,

From what I've seen, most of Diocletians palace is free, outside of Jupiters Temple, and the Cathedral of St. Dominus. I have 2 questions:

1) Do you have to buy tickets ahead of time due to covid? And is there a line? E.G. The vatican it is always recommended to purchase online to skip the lines, and now post-covid you can only buy tickets online.

2) Where can you purchase said tickets online? I have tried searching, but found nothing but tours. Can you only buy these tickets in person at the time of arrival (i.e. can't buy tickets before hand online)?

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I cannot answer the question about needing to buy tickets on line due to covid, but would be surprised is required.
We have not had issues with walking up to the ticket counter and purchasing admission while needing to wait for more then five minutes. We have been in the palace amidst days when large cruise ships were in port and still did not have an issue (although the crowds get to be a bit much in tight spaces).
When do you plan on being in Split?

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I imagine line issues should be even less now with Covid. I am planning to be there August 8th

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When we were there August 2018, there was a line for the tower climb at the Church, but nothing for the Church itself. Also Jupiters Temple is very, very small so people are in and out quickly. Short line. I wouldn’t sweat over it.