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How bad is driving in Istria ?

We will be in Istria tomorrow and now i’m a bit stressed about it because of and advice on the website of the canadian government:
« Exercise caution when driving on highways and respect speed limits.
Drivers do not always follow safe driving practices.
Travel on small roads can be hazardous. Many roads are poorly maintained. In particular, roads in Istria and along the Adriatic coast can be congested, narrow and slippery when wet, and many lack guard rails »

What are your opinions on this ?

Thanks !

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I have driven on roads in Hawaii that could be described in that fashion.

Keep calm and carry on.....

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The roads in Istria are fantastic.

This Canadian write up is ridiculous.

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Some of the worst roads (and drivers) I've driven have been in the US, particularly California. I've yet to encounter any in Europe that match one of the highways into San Francisco. You'll be fine.

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File that under "an abundance of caution" and proceed without worry. Of course drivers in other countries drive differently (Italians hug the center line, etc.) and locals will likely want to go faster than tourists. Of course coastal roads along cliffs will be windy. And rural roads may be unpaved, but none of this is an any way anything to concern yourself with (unless you have a fear of heights and will be doing the driving). I have not driven in Istia, but in the rest of the country the roads look equal to if not better than most US roads!

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I found driving in Istria, and all of Croatia, to be low stress. Of course in the touristy areas you'll find more traffic; finding a parking place may be stressful for some. I agree with the prior comment that the Canadian government may be offering an abundance of caution. It's not like driving the open highway across open spaces.

I would certainly heed the advice to respect speed limits so that you don't add the frustration of a ticket to your vacation!

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All of the roads I used while driving in Istria were well maintained, and I didn't consider any of them dangerous. I drove on both main roads and secondary roads. The advice to exercise caution when driving and to respect speed limits is sound advice anywhere, but the rest of the website's advice seems exaggerated.

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The roads in Istria are fine. Some of the secondary roads might be a bit narrow or windy, but nothing I would consider scary. It helps that traffic is generally quite light most of the time.