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Hotel info please!

My husband and I are considering a bike trip in May or June 2019 that starts in Zagreb and ends in Trogir. The hotels on the itinerary are potentially:

Day 1 - Hotel Dubrovnik, Zagreb

Day 2&3 - B&B Zeleni Kut, Gornji Zvecaj

Day 4&5 - Korana Village, Plitvice Natl Park (especially curious/unsure about this)

Day 6 - Hotel Skrandinski Buk, Skrandin

Day 7 - Palace Derossi, Trogir

Beyond what I can find out from the various travel sites, any specific info or opinions on any of these accommodations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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In Croatia, there is a sobe system, which is sort of AirBnB before it existed. Apartments are reasonable, clean, often with kitchens. We stay in Zagreb in a specific place, and the rooms are often under $50/night. I can give you the name of my contact if you PM me.

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Thanks, but hotels on the tour are pre-arranged. I was just wondering if anyone has stayed in any of the ones I listed and has any info (good or bad) they can pass along.

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Hotel Dubrovnik is a nice hotel located on one of the pedestrian streets in central Zagreb. Easy walk to restaurants, old town, etc. No experience with any of the others.

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We passed the Hotel Dubrovnik while in Zagreb last month. It is very modern and looked very nice. Great location. We actually had reservations there for a trip a few years ago but ended up staying with friends. This recent trip we stayed at the Palace Hotel only because it was less expensive then Hotel Dubrovnik. Hotel Dubrovnik was my first choice. Hope this helps a little.