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Hiring A Driver from Ljubljana to Plitvice

Looking at car rental vs. public transportation options to get from Ljublijana to Plitvice and then to Split. Dollars-wise, dropping off the car in Ljublijana and taking GoOpti to Zagreb to then rent a second car is the smartest, but time-wise, keeping our rental car and paying the horrendous two country add on fee makes the most sense.

Thinking there may be a third option: hire a driver for two days: The first day they would take us from Ljublijana to Plitvice and then the second day from Plitvice to Split.

Does anyone know of services where we could hire a driver to do something like this? Any idea of rates for this type of thing?


Todd from Santa Clara

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Don't have a lead for you on a driver for two days. I'd think you'd want two different drivers. How about taking GoOpti directly to Plitvice and then taking the bus to Split the next day? Stay at one of the park hotels - makes using the bus much more practical.

Taking the train from Ljubljana to Zagreb (or Rijeka) and then renting another car near the train station might work, even though it would cost you a few extra hours. Is your time really that tight?

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Yes you can take GoOpti to Zagreb but you won't know exact pick up time until day before. the bus can be as quick. Hire a car in advance from Zagreb. Hiring private driver is very expensive choice.

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I prefer staying one night in Plitvice. From Zagreb, you can use Uber. and on the way back just use local transport. Zagreb has many uber drivers, I think will be easy to book one. If you take regular taxi price can be high.