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Helpful apps while in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro

Hello all, We will be in the different countries listed for 3 weeks in Oct this year. We will have a rental car and would like to know if anyone has any particular apps they found helpful while in these countries. We enjoy outdoor attractions as well as visiting museums, and church.
Thanks for any suggestions, Sheri

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Was there something in particular you need help with?
I can't think of any I use in country (because I obsess over everything in advance) other than google maps for navigating (I have free data with my phone plan) and for accommodations.

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You're covering a lot of ground, and it could be time-consuming to set up all those offline Google maps ahead of time. You'd probably benefit from a mapping app that works offline and allows you to download maps with just a click or two. I use CityMaps2GoPro but am not particularly happy with it. Others have recommended and others. There are several that work offline once you have preloaded the maps (at home or at a hotel where you have Wi-Fi). The phone or tablet will figure out where you are on the map by using GPS satellites (and I think also cell-phone towers), so you can navigate via the "you are here" indicator. I prefer paper maps, but if you're in a medieval area lacking in street signs, an electronic map can be a godsend. It's also great when you arrive in a new city and are not sure which direction to walk as you exit the train or bus station.

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Thank you both for your replies. Sometimes I found out toward the end of a trip that there was an app for say the bus lines or other public transport. Nice to know about the other Map option.