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Help with web page

Sorry but each time I try to get to Greece or Italy it comes up that that page can't be found and it shows Rick lying on the floor!
I really want the Greece and Italy forum. Whats wrong with this site?
Thanks, Jo

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Jo, seems to be working fine here, 1:31 PM EDT. I know there was some kind of glitch yesterday evening (especially Italy), but it appears gone. I wonder if the influx of SPAM yesterday (now gone) on the Italy board caused an internal problem while it was cleaned up.

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I had those problems too, but they disappeared when I switched over to Chrome as my browser.

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I'm having the same problems with Firefox. But when I switch over to mobile Safari or the new MS Edge browser the problems disappear???????

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it is easy to get used to the system running 24/7 but sometimes the system goes down.

It was own to all browsers for about 20 minutes, as I saw it fail and return.

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You're the second person to report this problem. As I suggested in the other case, try clearing the cache and cookies or use a different browser. If that doesn't work, report the problem to the Webmaster (there may be somebody in the office on Saturday morning?).

I've experienced that same problem in the past, and it usually seems to be when the site is down for maintenance. I'm not having any problems at the moment and able to access all sections of the forum.

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Jo, I was having the same problem. Finally today (3 days later) I was able to connect to the Italy forum without doing anything to my computer. Yay!