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Help with itinerary planning - landing in Dubrovnik, departing Split

Hi & thanks to anyone who responds. I am planning to arrive Dubrovnik May 14/2016. I must depart Split May 29, 2016, giving me 15 ngts in Croatia. I only plan to visit the Dalmatian coast. I was trying to figure out how to get to Korcula early in the day so that I can depart by ferry & head to Hvar . Upon leaving Hvar I would head to Split. I haven't had any luck in finding any type of transport that departs Dubrovnik in the morning to Korcula (in May), so if anyone is in the "know" about this, I'd appreciate it.

Also, how many nights to spend in each of Dubrovnik, perhaps Hvar (2?) & Split? From Dubrovnik I want to visit Bosnia & Montenagro, probably on day tours, so at least 2 days used for those. In Split I plan to do a day tour to Plitvice, Solin & Trojir, by public bus, so 2-3 days used for those. I do not plan to rent a car anywhere. I'm open to itinerary suggestions as to what towns to stay in & for how long.

I will be travelling solo so prefer to be in the centre of things as opposed to in the countryside. I must start in Dubrovnik & end in Split, as I'm flying from/to Rome. The airline doesn't fly daily, so this route gives me more days in Croatia.

Thank you very much!


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I can't help with accommodation suggestions, but with 15 nights all spent on the Dalmatian coast, I think instead of getting to Korcula so you can catch a ferry to Hvar, you should plan to stay a few nights in Korcula.

Without a car, you are probably best to stay put in just a few places. Your plan to take day tours probably makes sense for you. However, 15 nights is actually a lot of time for just Dubrovnik, Korcula, Hvar, and Split.

It would help to know a little more about what you hope to see and do. If you're happy to while away the hours on a Mediterranean island with a good book and a cold drink, or if you like hiking, or want to rent a bike or motor scooter to explore, you could spend several days each on Korcula and Hvar. If you prefer keeping busy with sightseeing and shopping, you might get bored with more than 2 nights on each island.

If renting a car is an option, even for just a couple of days here and there, you would have some good options. You could stay overnight in Kotor, in Mostar, or at Plitvice. Otherwise, on day trips, you'll be there with the crowds and you'll be rushed. (I was there in May last year, and even though it's not peak season, there were still a lot of crowds. And if you take a day trip, you'll be arriving when the crowds arrive and leaving when they leave.)

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Here are some thoughts.

  • You could spend longer in Montenegro and/or Bosnia. To do so without a car, you'd have to take the bus. I did guided day trips from Dubrovnik to both Montenegro and Mostar. Due to our tight schedule we didn't have the time to stay in either location, but I wish that I had stayed overnight in both.
  • From Split, you could also include a day trip to Krka National Park.
  • In May, there's a daily ferry that leaves Split in the morning and stops at few islands on its way to Dubrovnik. That ferry then leaves Dubrovnik in the afternoon stopping at the same islands on the return trip to Split. To see Korcula, you'd probably need to spend a night on the island. Hvar is close enough to Split that you could go there as a day trip or spend a night there. You have enough time in your schedule to spend a night there.
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Probably the easiest way to get to Korcula is by bus, as others have pointed out, the timing likely will not work to immediately catch a ferry to Hvar, plan a night at least in Korcula. Also be awasre that there are two ferry ports, one in town and one North of town, your ferry may depart from the other one.

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Do stay at least two nights on Korcula. It is lovely! You can only take a ferry in the late afternoon, AFAIK. From there it is easy to do Hvar and Split. There is a very nice tour of Korcula run by Korkyra Tours. I think we paid Euro 42 per person. Great day!