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Help with Itinerary for 2 weeks in Northern Italy/Croatia

My husband and I are planning a 15 night trip to Croatia in mid to late June. We will be visiting family on Losinj for the second week, and we are trying to decide on itinerary for the 1st week. We love to be outdoors, and to see some of the countryside. We have already bought flights in/out of Milan. The only non-negotiable, besides Losinj, is Plitvice Lakes. Does this itinerary make sense?
Fly into Milan, train to Venice (2-3 nights?)
Train to Trieste (1-2 nights?)
Bus to Rijeka and rent car, drive to Plitvice Lakes National Park (1 night) and park early the next day
Drive back to Istria, base in Rovinj (3 nights?)
Drop car in Rijeka, ferry to Losinj
Losinj (6 nights)
Ferry to Pula (1 night)
Ferry from Pula to Venice and then train to Milan (1 night in Milan before flying home to USA.
Is this doable? Too much? Any suggestions?
Thank you!

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It sounds good to me. I would consider adding a bit of Slovenia to your itinerary as it is a natural fit, especially considering your interests. Places like Bohinj or the Soca Valley would be probably be of interest to you with the Alpine scenery providing a contrast to your otherwise Mediterranean trip.

Then again I'm biased since I live there :)

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Looks nice to me. There is a hike near Trieste that I have bookmarked (did not get there yet). This site may be useful:
In Istria there is the Parenzana path:
Also in the Kvarner region on the mainland (just outside of Istria), there is this park:
On Losinj, you will find many lovely paths.