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Help with Croatia Itinerary

I'm looking for some help with my travel itinerary for Croatia. I have 8 nights in early June. I'm trying to maximize my time there without changing locations every night. Right now I've tentatively outlined:

Day 0: Evening flight from Venice to Dubrovnik
Day 1: Dubrovnik
Day 2: Dubrovnik; late afternoon ferry to Korcula (chose Korcula over Vis based on ease of travel but am still on the fence)
Day 3: Korcula
Day 4: Korcula
Day 5: Travel day (morning ferry from Korcula to Split, afternoon bus from Split to Plitvice Lakes)
Day 6: Plitvice Lakes
Day 7: Plitvice Lakes; evening bus to Zagreb
Day 8: Return home

I'm a solo female traveler and this will be my first time traveling internationally (for vacation alone). I'm interested in solo hikes, wineries, good food and just generally exploring the city. Not much into partying but would like to feel comfortable having after dinner drinks without worry of anything happening. I've already booked flights into Dubrovnik & from Zagreb but I can / am willing to make changes for a better itinerary. My total trip is two weeks. I'll be spending the first part of my trip in Italy but have some flexibility on when I can venture over to Croatia.

Also - couple questions:
- can anyone suggest any good hikes for solo females?
- any must see things that I'm missing?
- is Uber relatively available all over Croatia? I won't have a car.

Thanks in advance!

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For me, personally, it is so rushed and you won’t see too much. Why not cut out Korcula, it is very similar to Dubrovnik. Also you don’t have any time in Split which is a lovely, historical city. If you are worried about spending too much time in one place, there are day trips from both cities. But with just a few days in each place you will not run out of things to do or see. I have the name of a great guide in Split if you need one.

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It’s not as rushed as some itineraries I have seen in this forum. It’s a good mix of cities, island and rural landscapes. With your timescale, you won’t have time to see everything, so it’s a choice of Korcula or Split.

Vis doesn’t sit well with getting there from Dubrovnik - it would take all day. Korcula has plenty to offer.

Day 5 will be quite a lot of travel.

Last I heard, Uber was illegal in Croatia, but still operating there, albeit you wouldn’t be insured. This may have changed. Buses are frequent and safe.

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You need more time in Split! I was not expecting much but throughly enjoyed Spilt. At least 2 nights there. I would reduce Korcula to just 2 days 1 night and Plitvice although beautiful is a long really only need 1 night there to make the hike in early morning around the waterfalls.

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As others have said, you’re short changing Split - a fascinating historic city. Visit Trogir while there.

Too much time in Korcula and Plitvice.

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Visit the wineries on the Peljasic peninsula. You can do this as a day trip from Dubrovnik. The larger wineries have stunning views.
If you do stay in Split as many have recommended, check out the park just east of the city center. There is a 10K loop along the road which is filled with walkers, runners, and cyclists near dusk. The sunsets over the Adriatic are incredible.

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Nice post Nick and I will remember to take a wine tour next time in Dubrovnik (Sept 2019). My recommended hotel in Split is relatively close to the 10K park course... I think - I’ve been in a large park but did not see the course.

To be quite honest, this is a very tight itinerary and the major exercise each day is walking walking walking, sometimes 5-10 miles a day. It’s 2 miles around the walls of old Dubrovnik; I suggest staying near upper gate by the way, and there are stairs stairs and stairs. I think some people walk down from funicular top of Mt Srd (don’t take any shortcuts because there may be live ammo from the recent war).

To see around a historic and wonderful city may be all she will accomplish with the exception of Plitvice NP where there are some vigorous walks and easy walks.

A longer trip in the future should allow many day trips and hiking adventures - there is still so much yet to see and do!

Thank you for the new idea, Nick.

Good traveling, Susan

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Hi Fellow Traveler
I confirm that there are no Uber type companies in Croatia. Without a car, you will rely of the transportation of the area where you are headed. Rick Steve’s book is incredibably valuable from details, history, transportation, accommodations. I have used it on every trip; you did a good 8 day itinerary.
Note: First, the country has a transition from low season to high season right about May/June so check all schedules carefully since we are in “low season” currently.
Currency/Security for a single traveler: Credit cards are not often accepted (P. Nat’l Pk Hotel does)some places take euros, some still handle Croatian currency. ATM’s are not everywhere, banks charge to exchange Traveler’s checks. At all times in Europe: for safety, I carry my passport in a bra hooked money belt; wear waist belt with the pouch tucked into pant front, with a camisole or shirt tucked in over it, light sweater or jacket over that to be less obvious. I wear this any time in transit, on trains, buses where I’m carrying my money plus lugging bags and backpack.
The Itinerary: (Venice to Dubrovnik)
Night 1 : Arrival Dubrovnik (evening)
Next morning, Walk complete wall early in morning before cruise ships or warm temp. Enjoy town, check out a tour, history, monestaries, cloisters, your interests. (Lady PP breakfast, lunch, dinner, popular)
Night 2: Dubrovnik
Next morning, weather permitting take funicular up Mt Srd for amazing view, prepare to leave, have lunch, taxi to port. I believe there is a Krillo fast catamaran leaving maybe 4pm? 2 hours, or so, to Korcula. If you are lucky there is an evening traditional performance of the sword dancing (need ticket) in the main square by Cathedral on Thursday nights.
Night 3: Korcula
Enjoy town upon arrival. Next morning see things of interest to you. Walk all over the town, try stairs to the beach and put your feet in the water😄. Afternoon bus to a typical beach nearby - note: it takes a full day to travel to other end of island and back by bus.
Night 4: Korcula
Next morning prepare to take a mid/early morning ferry to Split. I’m guessing you will not be on Krillo whose fast Cat is probably in afternoon. (double check, triple check that the ferry/cat is departing where they said... sometimes they switch to the other side of the island - talk to people)
Night 5: Split
The ferries, cats all arrive at the port fairly close to the train station and bus station. I suggest staying at a family owned place VERY close... go through the passage between the bus/rail ticket areas... cross the tracks at a crossing spot, turn left and within a short distance is a hotel (Villa Initial S). That same day: Split has a lovely Riva, seafront promenade that the city poured money into improving, truely delightful ambience, flowers and benches, boats and strolling families, restaurants and performers. Head to the interior, Split’s amazing historic walled city - explore. Self tour old city. Perhaps head to a neighborhood restaurant - there is a delightful outdoor rest. Ricks book - be aware that the mentioned Black Cat (Mexican, margaritas, breakfast lunch dinner) now called Toc and a Konoba on same street are very close to unmentioned hotel Villa S...
Night 6: Split
Breakfast in neighborhood, prepare to take bus (which you now know the station location). Bus to P. National Park and stay in hotel on Park property. If time take a shorter walk around the lower lakes.
Night 7: Plitvice Lakes National Park
Wake up early and prepare to leave (late checkout maybe 12:00 noon? At least leave luggage and take one of the major walks!). Not sure of bus schedule but you say there is a late bus to Zagreb. Arrive, check into hotel...
Night 8: Zagreb
accommodation for the night, prepare to leave next day for home.
My best, next time see Istria to north, Slovenia - safe traveling....Susan