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Help! Skip Krka? Or Split vs. Sibenik + Primosten + Trogir?

Hi there! I'm really struggling with Day 3 & 4 on this intinerary and where to stop. Right now, I am trying to figure out if we do Krka, then stop in Primosten and Trogir on the way to Split. But at the sacrifice of never really getting to explore Split bc of the early morning excursion. Or do we skip Krka? The monastery looks lovely and of course the big falls but am I trying to fit too much in? And is Sibenik worth the overnight? Any recs on good excursion companies/tours to do?

Day 1: Fly into Zagreb, land at 1pm, rest & explore & stay overnight
Day 2: Rent car, drive to Plitvice, stay at Hotel Jezero in park so we can do half day late afternoon & the rest early morning.
Day 3: Half day in the morning if needed, drive to Sibenik to stay overnight.
Day 4: If we're up for it, do Krka in the morning/half day. (Or do this day 3 if we can?) Then stop in Primosten & Trogir on the way to Split. Sleep in Split.
Day 5: Early morning excursion from Split - 5 islands? Sleep in Split.
Day 6: Early ferry to Korcula in the morning, Sleep in Korcula.
Day 7: Korcula - Dubrovnik not until later in the day. Sleep in Dubrovnik.
Day 8: Dubrovnik
Day 9: Dubrovnik
Day 10: early flight Dubrovnik-Zagreb. Explore Zagreb.
Day 11: Fly out of Zagreb

Thank you! Really kicking myself that the cheapest flights were out of Zagreb, it feels like we're losing days we should've had elsewhere.

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As you have figured out already, you can’t see everything. :)

Really you have a bit of a long wishlist for Day 4. I would choose EITHER Krka OR Primosten and Trogir. Then have time to see some of Split. (Edit: I might wait and see how the weather is before deciding.)

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There is no real "must-see" in Trogir. It is a very nice old town to wander around in, but
if deleting that allowed you to see Krka, I'd consider that. On the other hand, if you have
already been to Plitvice, maybe you don't need to see Krka. Not doing either would give
you much of a day in Split, which is a decent amount of time.

If you just do a couple of hours in Sibenik and then drive the rest of the way to Split, then
you get a night and full day in Split.

For Plitvice, I've said this on other threads, but, if you have a car, drive to Poljanak and
take the road towards B&B Villa Nena. When you get to the T-intersection with the
concrete building ruins on the right and the small bridge ahead, park and take the paths
which head to the left (on both sides of the bridge) for excellent scenic views without
having to hike up from the bottom of Veliki Slap.

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When you’re getting pulled by all these options, the best option can be the straight line. In this case, head to Split and enjoy the day there. I haven’t been to any of your side quests, but I can attest that Split is totally worth having a full day for.

You can comfort yourself in that you’ve already got the top shelf versions on these sights on the itinerary. Krka is often mentioned as a stand-in for Plitvice, but you’re going to Plitvice (well done on your planning there btw.) Korcula is your top shelf “atmospheric old Venetian port town.” Trogir and Sibenik are similar sights from that perspective. In other words, these three places are kind of hat-on-hat with the rest of your itinerary. That itinerary is tight, as you know, but well planned. I wouldn’t add anything onto it at the risk of subtracting from your overall experience.

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Wow, you are all so helpful! Thank you. This will help me streamline & we’ll likely head direct to Split. Sounds like direct to Split vs. overnight in Sibenik might be the way to go?

Clearly Croatia is a wondrous place we’ll just have to come back to :)

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The overnight in Sibenik doesn’t hurt anything if you want it. I agree that all your side stops aren’t really necessary when you have this amount of days and I think I would head on to Split on Day 4, if not on Day 3.