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Good guided tours in Croatia/Slovenia?

Hello -- can anyone recommend good walking tours in Dubrovnik, Split, and Ljubljana? I like history, architecture, culture, lots of things.
I'm solo and can't pay much higher than $100 for a couple to 4 hours. Any recommendations -- solo or group?
Thank you.

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The Ljubljana Tourist Office offers several walking tours. I haven't taken any of them, but I have taken T.O. tours in several other cities and found them to be well done. I have more confidence in the accuracy of the information they impart than I do in what is said by guides on "free" tours who work for tips.

You may find something similar in Dubrovnik and Split. I just Googled "walking tour Ljubljana" and looked for a link that seemed to point to an official website.

You shouldn't have to pay anything like $100 for a walking tour unless it's extremely specialized or food- or drink-related.

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We are also looking at the guided tours in Ljubljana that acraven mentioned.

We have taken many guided tours throughout Europe. Two of our favorite tours were "free." We felt the guides were knowledgeable and reliable. One was Runnerbean in Barcelona, the other was OgoTours in Madrid.

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I've had good luck with free tours, too. in fact, I think the guides work harder to put on a good tour to earn a good tip. I've taken some pretty average to poor tours from guides who were paid in advance. I took the free tour in Ljubljana a long time ago - might be very different now. I'd visit their tourist info website and even email them.

In Ljubljana, one should also consider the Jože Plečnik house. Plečnik was the architect who designed many of the noted buildings and bridges in Ljubljana and other cities. You can tour his house (with a guide) - only about a 30 minute tour but well worth it in my opinion (thought that too was a few years ago).

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Dear Theresa, there are many walking tours for these towns. Most of these tours are being offered on world's largest site for tour booking. In Dubrovnik you could look into Dubrovnik Walking Tours. In Split there is an interesting tour that is being offered on Viator - In the footsteps of the Roman Emperor. I heard they have small groups on that tour and it is more-less like a private tour with reasonable pricing though. I am not sure about Ljubljana, you might look into Tripadvisor reviews for the tours in that town.

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I think solo best option. Alsa you can use google maps for hotels, hostels, and activities. Google business listing I always use when travel.