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Going to Croatia. Anyone been to Pula?

I'd like to know anyone's experience staying in Pula.

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We were sleeping on a small cruise ship in the harbor. Pula is slightly more urban than the old coastal cities of Croatia, but it has plenty to see, especially Roman monuments. I would think that someone interested in Roman (or 19th and 20th century Italian ... ) history might enjoy a visit. Key factors in your decision would be whether you've already been to the Colliseum, Roman Forum, Herculaneum, Hadrian's Villa, Italica, or similar places. Another question is how many of the gorgeous medieval towns of Croatia you will have already been to, and might want to see something different. I'm tempted to compare Pula with Trier, Germany-but of course Pula is a harbor town.

I really liked Kotor, for example, but it is much more modernized (and touristed and inhabited) than, say Korcula. AFAIR, Rovinj is loaded with the weight of history, but has the appearance of a 19th century beach resort, with little history visible. Not to change the subject and country, people who haven't been to Cologne more than once don't think of it as a "Roman" city, but it was.