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Food & Wine Festival Zagreb and Brijuni Islands

We are arriving in Zagreb on Sunday,9/15. Is it worth it to go to the food and wine festival? Has anyone been?
It doesn't appear that tours to Brijuni Islands run on Monday, September 17th but I did find a ferry that took you to Brijuni Islands. Has anyone ever taken the ferry? How do you go to Brijuni Islands Park?

Posted by Emily
Vienna, Austria
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I’ve taken the ferry. What do you want to know?

Posted by terry OP
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So if we take the ferry how do we get to Brijuni Islands park? Can we walk around or how how would we get around the park? My friend wanted to see all of this:

Summer home of Marshal Tito. Olive tree about 1600 years old, Tito’s former Cadillac which he tried to seduce Gina Lollobrigida. Safari Park, Roman ruins, St Mary’s Church from the 13th century.

I don't see a tour on Monday or a shorter tour than 8 hours. Is it possible to do on our own and if so how!

I really appreciate your help! I'm stuck!

Posted by Emily
Vienna, Austria
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The park is the island. You get off the ferry and you’re in the park. We rented a golf cart (that’s what everyone does) to see the sites you list. The golf cart rental place is just to your right when you get off the ferry. A tour is absolutely unnecessary. Get the map and find these places yourself. It’s not a big place.

Posted by Cro on the go
Istria, Croatia
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I think food/wine festival is good value. Boat trips from Fažana to Brijuni allow you spend time there, boat trips from Pula don't allow you to land.