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Fly from US to Slovenia/Croatia (different cities in and out)

I'd appreciate help with flight advice. It seems that one option would be to use a larger airline into Europe and then a cheaper one to Croatia or Slovenia (with ample time for connections, and knowing risks), which I'd prefer not to. Otherwise, for example, United (mid July) from DC to Zagreb roundtrip is about $1,500. But into Slovenia and out of Dubrovnik it climbs to $2,800!! To go in and out of Zagreb, since our trip would finish in Dubrovnik, we'd have to leave the night before from Dubrovnik to Zagreb to overnight there.
Does anyone have experience flying into one city and out of another and managing the airline cost? Any other ideas?
Thanks a lot for your help!!

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We flew into zagreb and out of Dubrovnik.
Ual and its partners.

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It can be a challenge getting to/from Slovenia/Croatia in one day from the states - even harder for those of us living on the west coast by the way. On my first trip to Slovenia/Croatia, I actually flew into Milan and spent a few days in Italy before working my way over to Ljubljana down to Dubrovnik and back to Split; I flew from there back to Paris, spent a few days in Paris and flew home from there. Obviously it helps a lot if you have extra time - I did, and I wanted the time in Italy and Paris anyway.

Last time I flew into Venice (directly to Ljubljana from there) and out of Zagreb, after driving all the way down to Montenegro and back to Zagreb through Bosnia.

If a round trip into/out of Zagreb works, how about a direct flight the same day, booked on your own, from Zagreb to Dubrovnik to start? Croatia Airlines should have several daily direct flights between Zagreb and Dubrovnik. Just book something late enough to allow enough layover so you'll probably make your connecting flight. (If not - trip delay insurance sometimes covers missed flights like this.) Drive from Dubrovnik all the way back up to Slovenia. Returning the car in Zagreb to fly out also means you avoid a steep one-way drop charge for the car when dropping it in a different country from the one you rented it in, FYI.

Or keep searching for a similar solution to fly from DC into London, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, etc. There are even direct flights (not every day) between Venice and Dubrovnik now, so of you can get a direct into Venice and there's a direct flight on to Dubrovnik later that day, that could work.

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Andrew is right about the challenges flying to Slovenia/Croatia in one day from the west coast. Our plan is Seattle>Amsterdam>Venice for a week>GoOpti to
Ljubljana>return from Dubrovnik>Zagreb>Amsterdam>Seattle. Long day!

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I believe I mentioned this in your other thread, but if not: The bus and train connections between Zagreb and Ljubljana are relatively easy. That can help in avoiding the painful drop charge that usually accompanies a cross-border car rental.

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We purchased tickets for September from Cincinnati to Paris on Delta and to Dubrovnik on Croatian Airlines and then home from Zagreb, on the same airlines and again through Paris. Tickets were $828. We bought them through Air France. For some reason the same itinerary purchased through Delta was much more expensive.

I assume that mid July will be quite a bit more, but you could check Air France.

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Since I don't know where you fly from I don't know if this will be any help. Last fall we flew on United (and codeshares) from Philadelphia to Dubrovnik via Frankfurt (Lufthansa and then Croatia Air liens, normal layover in FRA) and returned from Ljubljana through Zurich to Dulles and then home (Adria Air and two IUited flights, United does not fly international into Philadelphia, we had a choice of going via Zurich or Amsterdam to Dulles). We booked this through United, purchased over a year ago when there was a fare break for about $475/per. We were in Zagreb on the way, and it is an easy and picturesque 2' 15" train or bus ride between the two.