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Florence to Croatia and Greece planning help.

2 college students trying to find the best/ shorts/cheapest way to see some of Croatia (Dubrovnik plus? ) and some of Greece (Athens and 1 island perhaps) for a 10 day spring break trip, March 5-15. Is it better to take a train to rome and fly to Athens ? Take a train from Florence to Croatia? Is there an airline that has direct flights between Croatia and Greece??


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Have you looked at all the travel options? Bari to Dubrovnik by overnight ferry is not a bad option for getting there from Italy.

The more you research, the more you'll find that Greece is not as close as it looks on the map.

I think you'll also find consensus among most replies that a ten-day getaway is best done in one country, or perhaps two highlight cities...

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I think you are right. The options between Greece and Croatia are terrible. Flights are hard to find before May and if so, high priced . The starting and ending point is Florence, and even flights to Greece from Florence are scarce. Seems you have to go to Rome for a decent fare to Athens.

Maybe better to see a little of southern Italy before heading to Greece and just skip Croatia this time ?

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No,... 'Florence & Rome', is what you have time for.

Just 'Do' Florence and Rome... You're wlecome.

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Greece may be a problem based on what your expectations are. Athens is not an issue, but most of the islands that are tourists destination are mostly shut down for the season, especially if your thoughts are hanging out at the beach, hitting some clubs, meeting people. There are a number of places you could go (Bigger Islands have a year round economy, Crete is more like the mainland, Santorini is always a destination, Naxos, etc) But activities will be a bit more sedate.