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Flights from Dubrovnik back to US?

Considering the 14 Days in the Adriatic tour. Suggestions/info regarding best flights/routes from Dubrovnik back to the US? I'm seeing lots of night layovers, generally 24 hours minimum to return to US. Final destination is Austin, Texas.

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The Dubrovnik to PHL flights are seasonal, so it depends on your dates, and last time I looked, flights for 2020 were not yet listed.

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You haven't mentioned your preferred departure airport in the US but I assume it is ether Houston or Dallas. Both have flights to Heathrow, Munich and Frankfort. Those are good transfer points for connecting going and coming back.

We had a heck of a time getting out of Dubrovnik.... very late and complicated. If you check on flights from Dubrovnik to other European destinations like Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, Munich, Heathrow, etc. you will see what stops airlines make between D and X. That is a good guide for a entry point from the US or a launch pint for your return. Prague is a common first stop from Dubrovnik (2 hour flight), so maybe focus on how to get from there to the US. It is not a bad place to spend a day or two "in transit" to allow a better connecting flight to the US (and to avoid complications from a Dubrovnik end screw-up).

Dubrovnik to Prague - overnight in Prague - Prague to Frankfurt/Munich to US maybe.

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For a few different reasons, I followed the RS Adriatic with a short flight to Istanbul, a few days there, and then a direct flight back to the US on Turkish Air (actually ticketed through United, as Turkish is a partner airline).

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The non-stop flights on American between Philadelphia and Dubrovnik are available from June 7 until September 27 in 2019. If they offer that direct route in 2020, the seasonal dates would likely be similar. Obviously you'd want to try for an open jaws flight into Ljubljana or a closeby city and out of Dubrovnik.

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It's pretty hard to get from Dubrovnik to the US if you're not taking the American flight. Personally, I always avoid Frankfurt. Lots of flights, yes, but it's huge and often involves really long walks. If it's your best price option, I'd check the airport map to see which terminal your flight from Dubrovnik arrives at and which you're departing from. A few years ago, we arrived there on Lufthansa to connect to a United flight. Foolishly, we decided to walk. It took well over an hour. Terminal Z (from where our United flight left) had to be miles away from the Lufthansa gates. I figured we'd have time to walk, have lunch, and board the flight with time to spare. We barely made it. Perhaps it would be better to resign yourself to an overnight; pick a nice city and decompress en route, maybe even spend a day. The Munich airport, for example, is small, easily navigable and has good services. It really depends on your airlines. Good luck!

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On my test date, the one-connection route on United/Lufthansa flying Dubrovnik - Frankfurt - Houston takes 17 hours, including a generous 4-hour connection time. But you're not in Austin, yet.

If you consider a non-partner flight plan like Dubrovnik - London Gatwick - Austin on EasyJet and Norwegian airlines, then you'd be glad of that overnight layover at Gatwick, because this "self-transfer" is not protected by code-share agreements. A bit risky if a delay could potentially mean buying a new trans-Atlantic ticket. (The combination of British and Iberia can also get you to Austin with just one flight connection, and they are partners, but there's again an overnight stay and you probably also have to transfer by bus between Gatwick and Heathrow airports.)

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Are you in a big hurry to get straight back to the US? I think that a few days at a major hub in Europe could open up more experiences and flight options.

I am signed up for this tour next June. My plan is to fly from Dubrovnik to Munich, spend a week in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and then fly back to the US from Munich. You wouldn't necessarily need to spend a week, but how about a few days enjoying one more location?

The other option would be as Laura stated. A repositioning flight one day, and a flight home from that city the next day.

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We leave from DFW to Dubrovnik in 2 weeks. We are flying Iberia airlines - check out their prices.

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We booked our round trip flight through Lufthansa. Dubrovnik
to Zagreb to Vienna to LAX, flying on Austrian air. Hope we make it.