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Final changes to itinerary. BOL?

My 12 day itinerary, as detailed below, is largely set. As I will have hiked Plitvice, should I skip Zadar, KRKA & Trogir and instead bust out the drive and spend 2 nights in Bol, focusing on the town and Zlatni Rat? I need to make a decision within 48 hours to avoid any cancellation fees. Thank you for your thoughts.

Arrive in Zagreb at around 2pm following long flight. Get settled, enjoy dinne, rest up. Zagreb
Explore Zagreb’s upper and lower town, market & museum. Stay night. Zegreb
Finish up Zagreb. Late afternoon drive to Jezerce (2.15hrs w/toll). Relax & stay night. Jezerce
Plitvice Park from 7:30am -1:00pm. Continue on (1.5 hours) to Zadar. See Sea Organ & stay night Zadar
Drive to Skradin (1.0) and see KRKA. Continue on to Trogir (50 min). Enjoy dinner & stay night Trogir
Explore Trogir until 1pm. Drive to Split (30 min), return car. Catch 4:30 ferry to Hvar. Stay night Hvar
Excursion, 3 Cave Tour from 9-5. Dinner in Hvar, stay night. Hvar
Explore other side of isalnd & stay night Stari Grad
Finish up Stari Grad. Catch #9811 at 5:55 to Korcula. Stay night. Korcula
Explore Korcula Korcula
Explore Korcula; Watch Sword Dance Korcula
Catch 8:46am boat to Split. arrive 8:46am. Check out Palace, Segway tour Split
Explore Split Split
Leave for home

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We looked at Zlatni Rat for about 20 minutes and left.

The Sea Organ is cool but the sunset in Zadar was better.

You’ll want more time in Plitvice.

We saw Trogir in about 1 hour.

I really liked Sibenik.

All the above are opinions of one person that you don’t even know.

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Thank you. Catching the sunset was on the list as well, if we decide to stay with Zadar. Interesting that you didn't find Trogir anything really special as it gets so much hype for day tripping. I will extend my time at Plitvice and look into Sibenik.

Welcome any additional input from others

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Trogir is lovely as a day trip from Split, in my opinion. That said, I love Split and find it fascinating.