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Extra days in Dubrovnik or Ljublijana?

We will be on the Best of the Adriatic tour in the fall and before booking our flights are wondering if spending an extra day in Ljublijana and/or Dubrovnik is something we want to do. If you have been to either place or on this tour, what are your thoughts? Thanks. We have been to Europe many times but not to this part.

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More is always better! It costs so much to fly, that I think any extra time is well worth it.
I have not been to Ljubljana but I’m sure there are day trips even if you feel you get a good overview of the city with the tour.
Dubrovnik is tiny, but likewise there are numerous places close by. And a day to just relax and soak it all in can’t be bad. Ideally, a few days would give you time cx out somewhere not on the tour.

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I did the Adriatic tour last fall. For various reasons I was not able to add extra days. Both cities seemed worth a bit more time, so I vote both.

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I have not taken that tour, but I spent 5 days in Ljubljana and loved it. It would be a wonderful place to get over jet lag before the tour for a day or two. It’s like a clean mini Paris, with lots of outdoor cafes, a river running through the city center, beautiful buildings and pedestrian only areas, and lots of friendly people.

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I did this tour last Sept. I added two extra days on the way there and I was glad that I did for several reasons.
1st reason: Last minute flight disruptions. A strike by Lufthansa cancelled my flight to Ljubljana on the day of travel. Some quick reworking of my itinerary and an amazingly quick connection in Munich still allowed me to arrive the same day I planned on, but it was pretty touch and go and I easily could have been arriving a day later than I had expected. It didn’t stress me as much because I knew I had built in extra time at the front and would still have made the start of the tour the day after my late arrival.
2nd reason: This gave me a bit more time to adjust to the time difference before the tour began.
3rd reason: Ljubljana is very user friendly and there are interesting day trips not covered by the tours. I went to Postojna caves and Predjama Castle. Others on my tour went to the Skocjan caves and/or the Stud farm at Lipica.

Those that stayed later in Dubrovnik seemed to head for the Bay of Kotar if that interests you.

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Thanks to all of your for your responses. We have decided to arrive two days ahead of the tour. We are flying out the day the tour ends, but because of how flights work for getting out of Dubrovnik we are flying to Amsterdam and spending a couple days there. I have been wanting to see the van Gogh museum for ages!

Thanks again!

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We've been to Ljubljana 2x, Dubrovnik 2x. Ljub is a larger city, and has a different culture than Croatia. Slovenia is a cross-roads culture with Slav, Italian, and Austrian influences. We enjoyed the city. I'd give it 3 days. Dubrovnik is smaller, and the old walled city is a much smaller place.

We stayed in Hostel Celica, which is housed in a prison in the center of Ljubljana. It was a hoot, with all rooms placed in cells. There was a great beer garden where many locals came, especially students to practice their English.