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Entry to Croatia

I am a US citizen traveling to Croatia from Montenegro in a few weeks. I am seeing conflicting information on entering Croatia. Some say it is closed to tourism. Others say you can go in under “economic interest” reason with a hotel confirmation and 48 hour Covid test. Any recent experiences?

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I would suggest looking at the official Croatian government website for up to date information.

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Yeeeea, my impression is they really don't want tourists right now. Maybe in May. Don't game the system.

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Montenegro isn’t in the EU and you aren’t an EU citizen, so at present, you can’t travel as a tourist, but this situation may change over time.

No one is going to have recent direct experience, as Americans aren’t allowed into Croatia.

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Jennifer Croatia apparently allows citizens of EEA countries as well as EU countries. That however doesn't help the OP any as Montenegro isn't either.

Some may find it strange to read from me, but I am not going to encourage anyone to travel to Croatia, even if they could find a way. Sometimes the intent of the law is clear and, personally, I try and follow the intent of the laws of the countries I visit.

Of all the countries in the EU I would expect Croatia to open first (the fact that they aren't in the Schengen zone probably helps). So lets wait and see.

Here is the US Embassy in Croatia link to track changes:

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I watched a video recently of an American who traveled to Croatia to shop for and buy a sailboat in September 2020. He made a comment he was thankful that Croatia was one of the few places not closed to Americans. Things seem to be constantly changing. I'm not sure you can purchase a ticket and have any confidence that you will be allowed to travel?

It's possible the man was a permanent resident of the U.S. and had a dual citizenship in an EU country? I don't know but it was interesting enough to come to the Croatia forum and see what people are saying.

On the other hand, I was just down in Miami last weekend (looking at a sailboat to buy) and the Australian who was selling the boat described his Danish girlfriend's horrible experience going home to Jutland for Christmas 2020. She had no problem getting home but the return trip was a nightmare. Upon arriving back in the U.S. she was handcuffed and kept in custody for 30 hours before being sent out of the country. She flew to Panama with much the same result. With help from her consulate, they agreed to let her go to Mexico where she stayed for two weeks before returning to Florida.

If you haven't watched Casablanca lately, it's a good time to go back and view. Pay attention to the WWII reality of closed borders.

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Brad, in September Croatia was open. One of the last to close up completely.
In September 2020 I traveled to Europe and returned in October. No surprise border closures, No handcuffs, to detention, no deportation.

A dozen other countries in Europe have managed to remain open these last 6 months or so. The only thing certain in life is death and taxes....

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Edit- sorry i didn’t see this was from March!

My understanding is the opposite- US citizens can enter as tourists provided you have proof of vaccination or a negative test 3 days prior to travel, plus prepaid accommodations.

See notes under Third Party National #8 relating to tourism