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Enterprise Car Rental Location on the Split Waterfront/Downtown

I wanted to see if anyone had any direct experience returning a rental car to the Enterprise office in Split. From Google maps, it appears the the office is right across from where the ferries board and by the bus station. Is it easy to park the car and return it in that area? It looks like its a busy area with a bunch of one way streets. Is it just easier to return the car at the airport and take the bus in? I'd love to hear from someone who's returned their car there if at all possible. Thanks!

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I always rent a car at Split airport then take it onto the ferries to the various islands and return it at the airport. Sorry, I can't recall seeing any car rental at the port. Traffic is a bit busy round there. If you want to drop the car at the port, then do that rather than driving 30 minutes + out to the airport to spend even longer getting back into Split.

You may get more replies if you asked this question on the Trip Advisor forum, as more Europeans read that forum.