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Early morning flight out of DBV

We are flying out of Dubrovnik airport on a Monday 7:20 am flight (Croatia Airlines for 1st leg/ United for 2nd leg). We are debating how early to arrive prior to the flight. Croatia Airlines website suggests to arrive 2 hours prior for check in. United suggests 3 hours and the lines might be long in DBV since It is high tourist season.

I assume that traffic to DBV from the city (Gruz) will be light at 4 or 5 in the morning. I have no prior experience with DBV airport. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We plan to use a taxi transfer service.

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Croatia isn't in the Schengen area, so you will have to go through passport control at DBV (whereas if you were flying out of Slovenia, which is in Schengen, to another Schengen country like Germany, then you wouldn't need to go through passport control at the departure airport). So that means perhaps arriving a tad earlier at DBV. It looks like a small airport; I didn't actually go in, but I drove to the rental car area at the airport to exchange a rental car heading south.

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My guess is that the check-in counters for your flight won't open till about 90 minutes before the flight. I think you are overthinking this. I would definitely not show up there 3 hours ahead since there will be almost no one there. I also would not worry to much about passport control as I would guess it would add 5-10 mins max. If it was me I would plan on being there about 75 mins before departure.

The only exception I can think of is if you have status or lounge access and want to get into a lounge to have breakfast before the flight depart - in that case figure out when the lounge opens and adjust your arrival time accordingly.