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Early Monring Airport Transfer


I will be leaving Dubrovnik and flying to Zagreb on the morning of 9 September. Our flight is via Croatia Air and departs at 6:15am.
What is the best way to get from our Airbnb to the airport that early in the morning? We are staying close to Old Town.

I checked the shuttle bus schedule and it looks like it doesn't start until 4:45am which would put us at the airport around 5:15am or so. I think this might be cutting it a little close to our 6:15am flight.

Any recommendations? As of now, I am looking into private transfers that run 24 hours to give us plenty of time.

Thanks for any advice!

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If you are checked in with boarding pass and not checking luggage, then I think you can cut it fairly close for a domestic flight. However, to avoid stress, I would ask your host what they recommend--they can usually arrange a driver for you.

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I had a very similar situation last week to catch a 7:15 flight. I was able to get an Uber at 5 AM with no problem - less than 5 minute wait for pickup. I met the Uber at the Hilton Imperial simply because it was slightly more convenient than Pile Gate.