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Dubrovnik to Split in October - private driver

anyone have a company or email for a driver to DBV to SPU? there will be 3 adults traveling, Viator is ridiculously expensive and I'd rather not do a bus and the ferry wouldn't get us to split until 8pm. Thank you!

Posted by Agnes
Washington DC Region, USA
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For what it's worth, the bus is ridiculously inexpensive, modern, comfortable, and downright luxurious. I would not try to avoid it. A private driver is going to cost a lot, although it may be doable if you split the cost between 3 people. I took the bus, it was great.

Posted by valadelphia
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Have to agree with Agnes. The bus leaves practically hourly, and it is perfectly comfortable. If you had some kind of issue then of course, but save your money if you are otherwise able.

Posted by RJean
New York, NY
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Posted by vmurrow OP
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the reason I'm trying to avoid the bus is that it takes a little longer and I've read where people (when crossing the border) were delayed by 2 hours.

Posted by Agnes
Washington DC Region, USA
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The border crossing issue would be not that different if you had a private driver. That driver would also have to wait until any buses or vehicles in front of him/her are cleared. In October, the traffic would be minimal - it's a totally different situation than at peak summer season when the coastal road is packed with vehicles. Somehow I don't think the delay fears would bear out, although you always have the option of leaving earlier and giving yourself an extra cushion.

I remember the bus did stop in Neum (border area) for a quick restroom and snack break, but the whole journey took 4.5 hours and it was very relaxing. Good luck with your decision. It's always going to be a trade-off.

Posted by Gwen
Browns Point, WA, US
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Pepo Klaic is a driver/tour guide our of Dubronik who is very good, recommended by Rick Steves. We used him only briefly but would use him more if we had the opportunity: