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Dubrovnik to Italy

My husband and I will be traveling in the Balkans for a few weeks in May, ending up in Dubrovnik. We have 3 days left at the end of our trip. I'm a big mosaic fan and really want to see Ravenna, Italy. While we're in the area I thought we could also spend a day in San Marino and a day in Bologna. We've traveled pretty extensively in Italy and have missed this area in the past.

So what's the best way to get from Dubrovnik to Italy - fly to Bologna? Venice? What would be convenient and preferably services by a discount airline?

Once we get there should we base ourselves in bologna and day trip by train to ravenna and San Marino? Is there a better place to base from?

Thanks in advance. I am also posting in the Italy since it involves both.

Posted by JerryG
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We flew Easyjet to Milan from Dubrovnik; they do not fly to either Venice of Bologna, however, from the past, we couldn't find many direct routes from there to other Italian locations without long layovers, or high prices.
From Milan, you can take an ICE to Bologna.

Posted by Emily
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“While we are in the area”

Dubrovnik is nowhere near Ravenna or Bologna.

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Vueling airlines flies between Rome and Dubrovnik. Volotea flies from Dubrovnik to Venice two or three days a week, in season. You can also look on the Wikipedia webpage for the Dubrovnik airport to find a complete list of every airline that operates into the Dubrovnik airport. Croatia Air (or is it AirCroatia?) has likely the most flights in season.

Posted by James E.
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If you find a direct flight that suits your needs ... great. Personally I consider 1.5 hour flights to be "in the neighborhood" so i understand. We just got back from Montenegro. If your trip didn't take you to Perast, Budva or Stari Bar, then i would give that some real consideration. Given more time the mountains are pretty amazing. Its our second trip to Montenegro in the last 30 months and i suspect we will be back again in the Fall next year. Another reason to mention Montenegro is that there is daily service from Podgorica to Rome, non-stop (1:30 Montenegro Airlines / Alitalia $100).

Here are the flights from Dubrovnik to Europe, non-stop. Change the date to one that works for you. Many of the discount airlines will only make a route once or twice a week and it varies by season at times as well.;f=DBV;t=r-Europe-0x46ed8886cfadda85%253A0x72ef99e6b3fcf079;d=2018-04-19;r=2018-04-19;tt=o;s=0;mc=m

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There's a ferry to Ancona Italy that is big (cars, trucks, etc) and you can do a night sailing and sleep in a nice cabin on the ferry. I did this the opposite way (Ancona to Croatia).

Also - if anyone is reading this and considers it - I stayed at a campground in Ancona for 3 days next to the big National Park there (in italy). It was fantastic! I never saw another American tourist in 3 days, it was a picturesque area, and the beach was magical (small smooth pink marble stones.....). Check it out!

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