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Dubrovnik to Amsterdam flight-June 2017

Hi travelers,
My husband and I will be making our way thru Slovenia and Croatia next May-June, and I'm trying to get the basics booked to start. I'm trying to find a low cost flight on Saturday June 10 from Dubrovnik to Amsterdam. Yes, I know it's early, but I like to plan ahead as much as possible. I've checked Easyjet but they don't list anything on Saturday, Vueling same story. Having no experience flying from Dubrovnik I'm wondering if low cost airlines are given the less popular days out of DUB, or am I just trying too early? Any advice appreciated:)

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How are you determining the May/June schedule on Easyjet? As of today, their website doesn't have any flight listings past March 2017 loaded on their booking engine, which means their schedule isn't available yet for April and the following months. I would sit back, relax, and check back in a few months. No need to plan or worry this far ahead of time.

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Thank you both for your advice. Agnes, you are correct about Easyjet and their website. I think I was actually looking at another site that I was redirected to, and their information was obviously incorrect. I guess I will need to cool my jets and wait a bit to plan out our complete itinerary.

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You could try doing a dummy search as far ahead as you can go. It is likely that the schedule will not change for when you need it, and at least you can get an idea of what day you may need to be flying.