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Dubrovnik Info.

Just wrapping up 5 days in Dubrovnik.
-If you buy a City Card use the bus tickets to go out to the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel for lunch.
Right on the Adriatic with good food.
-in the packet there are two extra tickets that lets you use bus #10. We went to Cavtat which is 35 minutes down the coast. Cute small seaside town. Great walkway around a point.
-While in town don't miss the Taj Mahal restaurant. It is a Bosnian restaurant. Great food and authentic.
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We ate at the Taj Mahal one night late September. We had a reservation for 6 people and were seated right away. The food was fabulous, really great meat dishes but the service was lacking. We waited over 45 minutes for our meal and no one came by to even say sorry, we’re backed up, do you want to order another drink, a bottle of wine, do you want some bread for the table, nothing. My husband is Croatian and he did all the talking so it’s not like they didn’t understand. After a few failed attempts He finally got the waitress’ attention. She ended up giving us a free dessert, but my husband spoke to the manager after we finished eating. Just an FYI, I would still recommend it.